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About Dickies

Workers put their bodies to the test, performing demanding physical activities and placing themselves in dirty, treacherous, and risky situations in order to get a job done. It’s only right that their clothes are capable of taking on the same challenge. Not every piece of clothing can be an effective work wear, that’s for sure. There are certain qualities and features a garment must possess before it can be considered a suitable work wear option.

There are lots of make-shift work wear clothing options available in the market, but spending money on an unknown brand might cost you more in the future. When it comes to purchasing the right work wear, quality is key. That’s why thousands of workers have turned to Dickies to satisfy their clothing needs.

The History of Dickies

C.N. Williamson and E.E. Dickies began their partnership in the vehicle and harness business in Texas. In 1918, the pair along with a few of their comrades established a U.S. overall company that specialized in the manufacture and retail of overalls for workers. They then founded the Dickies brand in 1922 on US soil. Since then, the company has strved to provide customers with a wide selection of quality work clothing suitable to the needs of every working individual. In May 2005, Dickies Store UK was formed and opened the wonderful world of work wear to people all over the United Kingdom. The Dickies brand has since delivered quality products and merchandise to people all over the world.

Dickies Products

It takes durability and strength to make it as a quality piece of work wear, and Dickies has never failed at providing consumers with the best items for their money’s worth. Dickies respects the hard labor that thousands of men and women put themselves through on a daily basis and believes that proper work garments can make the job easier. Dickies has an extensive selection of clothing and apparel to assist workers in getting their job done – in style. The brand offers trousers, overalls, footwear, tops, outerwear, hi-vis, PPEs, and countless other apparel and accessories to protect workers on the job. What’s more, Dickies products are designed with contemporary style in mind, keeping its users protected and fashionable at the same time.

If you’re thinking about purchasing some new work clothes for that DIY project you got going, or if you want to get some extra protection for those difficult work tasks, Dickies offers some of the highest quality work clothes without sacrificing style and affordability. Visit their website for a complete product line-up and more information.