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Everyone needs a holiday from time to time. In fact, most people probably don’t take enough of them. When you have time off, get out of town and go see and experience something new. And when that’s the medicine you need, is here to help with the prescription.


Since 1965, Thomson has helped people find the vacation of their dreams and make sure they didn’t return disappointed. The company employs almost 18,000 people in order to get the job done right. In fact, these thousands are spread all over the globe, so if they have firsthand knowledge on the best places to visit when in any given area.

The Thomson Difference

Of course, plenty of companies like the above make similar claims. So what makes Thomson difference? Many things, actually.

  • They have a 94% approval rating from their customers. This is due in large part to their dedication to detail, picking each hotel with the utmost care.
  • These hotels also come highly recommended on the popular review site TripAdvisor.
  • The company can customize your vacation. They have holidays for couples, families, the elderly and options like cruises too.
  • 75% of their holidays are only accessible through them, no one else has them.

Visiting Their Website

If you want to get an idea for the quality Thomson delivers, head over to their site, It’s fully functional and provides everything you’d need to plan your trip today.

At all times, the homepage lists their top 5 resorts as well as the same for hotels. So if you’re just looking to get away, it’s easy to start at these lists and see what’s available.

You can also begin your search by narrowing down your options. For example, look through their collection of vacations like Lapland, Scene, Platinum and more. They also offer holiday types like All Inclusive, Weddings, Villa Holidays and others.

Late Deals

Not all of us are great at planning ahead. But when it comes to holidays, sometimes it’s no one’s fault. Circumstances simply conspire so that you all of a sudden have some time off. While it can seem like a waste not to take advantage of this good luck, often there’s not much you can do. There was no time to plan.

The Thomson website can help. Right on their homepage is a section that reads, “Looking for a Late Deal?” And if you are, you’re in luck. You’ll find all kinds of deals to accommodate your time-deprived situation.

Already Booked

On the other hand, you may have planned ahead booked with Thomson early. Good for you! But that doesn’t mean the planning’s over. There are still many things you might need to do.

This is once again where the Thomson home page is here to help. To the far right about halfway down, you’ll find options like Pay My Balance, Select Your Seat, Book Car Hire and others. They’re all collected under the question “Already Booked?” and they solve just about every last minute question you could have.

Cheap Deals

Sometimes the issue is timing or planning. In this economy, the issue is often that we simply don’t have enough money to take the trip we want. As a result, we convince ourselves to let another holiday opportunity slip through out fingers.

But on Thomson’s website, they actually provide a section called Cheap Holidays. There you can find some pretty amazing opportunities for seeing the world and enjoying it at the same time and all at an affordable price.


There is also an Extras section on the home page that’s worth checking out. It’s actually full of some really helpful information. You can purchase travel insurance from AXA Insurance UK Plc, get options for parking at the airport, find seats on the flight with extra leg room or simply check the menu ahead of time.

Flying with Thomson

As you can probably tell, Thomson does everything it can to offer guests to its website excuses to jump on a plane and live a little. The cool thing is about Thomson, though, is that they have their own plane company as well. It started back in 1962 and has grown t to a fleet that includes some 77 planes. They fly to over 80 locations all over the world.

Don’t think that will make a difference? Thomson recently garnered awards for, among other things, being the most environmental and the most punctual of all airlines.

They’re not done though. Their fleet will be the first in the UK to offer a Boeing 787 Dream-liner that is fuel efficient.

If you have the itch for a vacation in the near future, Thomson is here to help. Visit their website today and you’ll find the above offerings and so much more. Thomson is king of vacations and their website does not disappoint.