5 Tips to Save on Furniture Shopping

Planning on decorating your new place but having issues with your budget?

Furniture shopping used to be such a chore with all the thinking and choosing you need to do. It also gets more difficult because the pieces you truly want are the ones that cost the most.

So what’s a novice furniture buyer need to do to save a buck or two on furniture pieces? Have a plan, count your cash and check out these tips to help you save on money while buying furniture that fits your budget:

  • Consider where and when to buy

This matters because there are many places that offer good deals and special discounts on furniture pieces. Places like thrift stores, IKEA, garage sales and online stores or even Craigslist are good spots to start looking for them. It helps if you have a specific concept in mind for your furniture. If not, go back to the drawing boards first before shopping for important pieces. It’s recommended to buy at stores that have major discounts and even offer up free shipping or delivery. You can save a lot on the discounts and shipping costs alone. It’s also best to buy at the end of the month as salespeople have quotas to meet and would gladly offer you special deals on major furniture pieces like beds, bed frames, chairs and sofas.

  • Consider the type of furniture you want

As a rule of thumb, know the types of furniture you want to buy before you go shopping. This way, you don’t waste time and money buying pieces that you’re unsure would fit your taste. Buying furniture is a major purchase and it takes careful planning. It even saves you money to wait for special sales on the pieces you really want. It’s also recommended to buy only pieces that you need for the moment because impulse buying on furniture is impractical as they’re hard to dispose of.

  • Buying one piece at a time

It’s best to buy your entire furniture collection one piece at a time. Why? It’s because you can get more discounts this way. You can buy each piece at different stores and at different times. It pays to wait until they’re really affordable.

  • Think of the furniture upkeep

Before making a final purchase on a dining table, for example, think of the upkeep you’ll need to do. It looks spectacular as a centerpiece for the dining area but if you’ll have to keep sending in professional cleaners to steam clean, the costs will pile up in the end. So think about the cost of the upkeep since some colors and even fabrics need more preservation than others.

  • Nothing wrong with recycling

In the end, you may not even need to buy new furniture if you’ve got pieces you can re-purpose. Try using an old desk as a coffee table. Splashing on new paint or draping on a decorative cloth will make it look quite different. The bottom line is recycling isn’t too bad so you won’t have to cash out.Furniture is meant to last a long time, so when you have to invest on good pieces, be practical and smart about it.