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AllSaints Men’s and Women’s Clothing

If you enjoy the look of anorexic and strung out models sporting high end fashion, then AllSaints is the retailer for you. Their website offers nothing in regards to the company’s mission, goal, or outlook. The only seeming concern that one can ascertain from them is that they don’t deal in thrifty clothing. Each of the items in their collections has a substantial amount of high fashion design and a hefty price tag. You won’t be wearing anything from this particular store to the office, unless you happen to own the company. For anyone wanting to have that movie star or fashion model look, AllSaints provides a great bridge between custom made clothes and designer label distribution, all while keeping a deep sense of British manufacturing heritage.

Social Connections

AllSaints is one clothing provider that has made a great effort to become a trend, or at the very least, associated with pop culture in the UK. They sponsor both musical events and artistic projects to help develop their brand. Aside from their artistic contributions, they also make it clear that the leather and other exotic materials used in their various pieces is only sourced from ethical dealers.

The Website

AllSaints has both traditional retail locations and an online venue for shopping. They offer perks to UK shoppers and offer limited delivery to other countries. Browsing the website is fairly simple and straightforward. As mentioned previously, they waste no space with an “about us” page. From the landing page and on the website is deigned simply around presenting their available wares and prices. Shoppers can browse by general men or women categories, or by specific collects that are clearly noted. One thing that should be noted is that they do not sell clothing for children. They also offer easy access links to their studio news, as well as to their gift card department. For those wanting to shop in person, they keep a convenient store locator feature at the top of the page, along with a quick search and customer service link.

Available Wares

In keeping with a very specific niche for clothing, they only offer sizing and styles for young men and women. The general age rage in terms of sizes suggests from teenager and up. Their selection of available wares online may differ from those available in their stores. According to their categories:

Women: From head to toe, the selection of women’s clothing and accessories includes: currency pouches, key fobs, boots, shoes, purses, hand bags, dresses, skirts, pants, tops, jackets, and coats. Some selections are broken down into specifics, such as leather jackets, t-shirts, denim and knitwear. The least expense items fall under the t-shirt category and start around £18, while the higher end pieces of clothing, such as the leather wear has an upper range around £458. Overall there are recurring themes in style, such as “skinny” bottoms to help create a sleek profile and either close fitting or billowy tops to accentuate the tightly hugging bottoms.

Men: As inclusive as the women’s selection, the men’s shopping section includes: wallets, currency pouches, key fobs, belts, backpacks, boots, shoes, polos, t-shirts, sweatshirts, trousers, shorts, jackets, and coats. Some sections are also broken down into specifics, such as leather jackets and denim. The least expense items fall under the t-shirt category and start around £20 for a tonic vest, while the higher end pieces of clothing, such as the leather wear has an upper range around £498 for the Adelaid leather Pea Coat. The general theme is to highlight a masculine shoulder line, yet also accentuate a somewhat lithe outline in general.

UK Perks

As a company that is strongly rooted in the UK, they offer special perks to orders made from or for UK delivery. These perks include free next day deliver on orders over £100 and free returns as well. Aside from offering deals for UK residents, they also have several in person retail locations available to offer an even wider range of potential inventory. For returns, UK residents can get a hassle free return if the item is shipped or taken back to the store within 14 days of purchase. Exchanges for a different colour are still available after 28 days. If a return is requested past the 14 day mark, a gift card for AllSaints may be issues, but will only be valid for six months.

International Shoppers

AllSaints offers international shipping to thirty seven different countries around the world, as well as making some of their products available in select retailers around the world. They use the global shipping company UPS for all orders outside of the UK. For international shipping rates there is a flat £18.95 fee. On orders that are £250 and above, the shipping fee is waived. The average delivery time for international orders is between 3 to 5 business days, not including weekends and bank holidays. Some destinations further away from the UK can take longer to arrive. In addition to potential shipping fees, there may also be custom and import duties to be paid upon delivery. It is the responsibility of the customer to contact their local customs office to make arrangements when necessary.

Final Notes

In general AllSaints caters to a very select niche, presenting garments that have the underlying theme that Twiggy made famous, which is skinny and somewhat androgynous. The sizing options available reflects the notion, offering a very limited range of sizes in both gender categories. Overall, if you enjoy the sleek and high fashion sense of design, where the outfits look right off the runway, then AllSaints is the store for you. Their delivery rates and prices match hand in hand, in that you can quickly full-fill the £100 or £250 thresholds and get free delivery. Which, for UK residents is even more convenient, since the free delivery is set for next day.