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Amazon is well-known for its on-line presence. If you have something to sell, you trust Amazon to sell it for you. Likewise, if you want to buy something—no matter what it may be—there’s a good chance Amazon has it, and will get it to you quickly! But Amazon is a part of so much more in addition to buying and selling (though that is a huge part of who they are).

What is Amazon about?

Yes, Amazon is about buying and selling—but it’s more than that. It is Amazon’s goal to provide a convenient, enjoyable shopping experience while benefiting others in the process. The company has changed the way we connect with each other by allowing easy and secure on-line transactions. It has provided an atmosphere where anyone, anywhere, can sell or explore virtually any kind of product on its webpage. In doing so, the company has been able to provide services at lower prices to you—the valued customer! This is how Amazon works: they desire nothing more than mixing convenience and innovation while giving back what they can.

Amazon in the community

Amazon plays a huge role in helping the community. They believe it is important to contribute to those around them, such as their valued employees and customers. They do this by raising funds for important causes and organizations in need.

They don’t stop at raising funds for good causes, however. The company also donates to schools, as they realize the importance of education for today’s children. In the past, Amazon has been known to donate their popular Kindle Paperwhite e-readers to growing classrooms. In other instances, they have given primary schools £2,000 gift cards to purchase books for school libraries. They have benefited many schools in the United Kingdom, such as the Western Springs Primary School, the Farley Junior School, and the Chancel Primary School. Every year, the list keeps growing!

Amazon also believes in supporting the UK’s disaster relief programs, non-profit organizations, and the writing community. They do so by raising funds for these organizations, in addition to donating technology (in addition to their popular e-readers).

Amazon and the environment

Amazon has added reducing their environmental impact to their list of goals, and it’s a great goal to have. Inarguably, they’ve already done so; more people than ever before are buying off of Amazon, rather than travelling to stores.  If there are fewer people travelling to stores, there are fewer cars on the roads. This results in less fuel being used, which is better for the environment.

Amazon also works to improve their packaging so that it is as hassle-free and environmentally friendly as possible. They use software that determines what size box should be used for any given item. This results in fewer products being delivered in large, material-consuming packages. The website also allows customers to provide feedback on their packaging experiences. If the packaging is damaged or substandard, customers are able to take a picture and submit it to Amazon. This allows the company to work constantly at improving its services.

In addition, the Amazon headquarters in Seattle has been built to be eco-friendly, as have its offices in Germany. In the UK, Amazon also works to improve its building features. The Dunfermline center in Scotland recently achieved a BREEAM rating of Very Good due to their use of motion sensors to save electricity in unused rooms, sustainable drainage systems, and thermal insulation. The company continues to improve their structures all over the world to reduce their impact on the environment as much as they are able.

The Amazon website

When people think of Amazon, they think of the familiar website. It is easy to use, and it’s constantly updating! If you’re the kind of person who can’t wait to take advantage of those great holiday deals, Amazon will keep you updated right on the homepage of the site. If you have a specific product in mind, it’s easy to find it; simply enter your product in the search bar!

You may also choose to shop by department. This is convenient if you know where you want to look, yet aren’t exactly sure what you’re looking for. The Amazon website has categorized all their products for your convenience. Whether you’re looking for books, movies and games, electronics, clothes and shoes, beauty, outdoor supplies, music, instant video, or even automotive products…you’ll find it on Amazon.

In addition to providing you with so many awesome products to choose from, it’s super easy to buy and sell. If you have an Amazon account, you can order items with a single click. It’s convenient if you don’t want to enter your address and purchasing information every time you want to make a purchase. And why should you have to? Amazon isn’t about hassle; their goal is to make everything as easy as possible for you. There are even multiple ways to pay: your bank or credit/debit card, gift cards, Amazon points, the Amazon Store Card, and more!

Amazon and you

By now, you have an idea as to what Amazon does for the community. But what will they do for you, the customer? How can you be certain that your transaction is safe, and what happens if you don’t get a package?

The website is sure to provide help in any area you may need it. If you want to know where your parcel is, Amazon will let you track it. If there is something wrong with a delivery, you can contact the seller, and Amazon will serve as a “middle ground” to ensure things go smoothly. In most cases, it’s easy to get a replacement. They even provide instructions on returning or exchanging a product, should you need to do so.

Whether you’re shopping for groceries, holiday deals, or car parts, everything you need to enjoy a convenient, worry-free shopping experience is right on Amazon. And when you make a purchase through them, you can feel good about supporting a company that works to support you.

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How to use Amazon Discount Code

How to Use Amazon Discount Code

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