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About Anyvan

The process of transporting items – whether you’re moving in to a new house, you’ve just bought a new piece of furniture, or if you simply want to get your eBay purchase faster – can be a bit of a troublesome task. This is especially true if you don’t have the right vehicle or car to transport your item.

When Angus, founder and CEO of AnyVan, noticed this gap in the market, he was quick to take action. And that’s how AnyVan was born. AnyVan aims to provide people with reliable, speedy, and affordable transport services, no matter how big, how small, how many, or how little they intend to move around.

More about AnyVan

AnyVan started out in 2008 when a man named Angus saw a lack of transport services for people who needed it most. After years of successful operations and thousands of dollars in revenues and profit, AnyVan has become a trusted name in the UK. They have a simple goal and that is to help make moving easier. There’s no question that transporting heavy, large, and bulky items can be a big challenge especially if you don’t have the right vehicle or if you’re taking it to a distant place. That’s why AnyVan offers a wide selection of cars, vehicles, and a highly-skilled and trained crew to help with moving and transport needs – no matter what you’re moving.

AnyVan Services

There are lots of instances when people will need transport services, so AnyVan has made sure that they have the right services for your needs.

Buying on eBay can be cheap, but delivery rates can be a doozy. By choosing AnyVan to deliver your items, you can save up to 75% on delivery charges on your eBay purchases. AnyVan also helps people move out of their old houses and into their new ones. Because pianos can be a delicate piece to move, AnyVan has also devised careful, strategic, and safe piano moving services to make sure your beloved instrument makes it in one piece. AnyVan also moves vehicles, trucks, and other automobiles with their state-of-the-art moving equipment and transport vehicles. This company also proves that it cares about the environment by ensuring that the spaces in their vans and vehicles are filled as much and as safely as possible to reduce having to go back several trips.

It’s easy to book a schedule with AnyVan. Their easy-to-navigate website, affordable prices and rates, reliable services, timely crew, careful transport process, and unparalleled after sales and customer support make it easy to make the move.