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About Armani


Armani’s website ( is an extension of their retail boutiques, offering a wide range of high fashion Armani clothing for men, women and children.  The website also offers accessories, sports wear, fragrances and home decor.  This wide selection featuring the Armani name ensures that those looking for a top quality name brand can find exactly what they’re looking for.

Spring Into Fashion

Armani provides a link to pages featuring their spring collection for both men and women.  This page allows you to see the latest in spring fashion, from one of the world’s leading fashion companies.  This collection is a trend-setter in the fashion world, and many of the clothes in the Emporio Armani line are featured at the Milan fashion week, each year.  If you are looking for the newest of the new in fashion, look no further than the link to the spring collection.

Trendy Looks for Men

The men’s section of the Armani website contains links to various brands of clothing from their various lines.  Suits, shirts, coats, outerwear, jackets, denim and knitware are all on offer, along with much more.  Other items such as underwear, bags, sunglasses and watches are also on offer to give the discerning man a highly fashionable look.  The clothing is searchable by the different lines.  Emporio Armani is the company’s high-end line and includes  all of the above items.

Under the heading EA7, you can find the sportswear lines of clothing.  T-shirts and sweaters are on display in a range of styles and colors to fit your taste.  Regular and full zip sweatshirts can be purchased here, as can the different t-shirts.

Outerwear on offer features peacoats, blouseons and trenchcoats, while their suits offer different styles as well as tuxedos.  Jackets can help round out your look with colors from traditional grays and blacks to blue and coral colors.

Finally, there are men’s accessories which will help you achieve the desired look.  Belts of varying styles, lace-up and derby shoes for men can all be found here.  Silk and cotton ties and bow-ties complete the formal or business looks, while hats and scarves make the more casual looks trendy and unique.

Hot Fashion for Women

Armani offers just as much selection for women and a large selection of different types of clothing for women is also available on the company’s website.  High end dresses and outfits are available for women looking for the latest in runway fashions, and more casual wear.

In the Emporio Armani and Armani Collezioni, women can find various types of jackets to meet their business or social needs, as well as skirts, pants and dresses for all types of occasions.  All of these fashions range in color and style from traditional to bright, and they are sure to meet all of your fashion needs.

The EA7 section for women features women’s sportswear lines.  Both shorts and trousers are available for women, and feature different colors and patterns.  To complete your sports fashion needs, women’s tops are available in a number of different styles.  For the cooler days, sweatshirts and hoodies can be purchased to match any workout clothes, and putting together an outfit for workouts or just lazing around the house should be no problem with the selections on offer from Armani.

Finally, beach wear is available if you plan  to have a little fun during the summer.  Both bikini and one piece swim suits are available, and a beach towel rounds out their selection.  On the beach, you will need sunglasses and Armani also offers a selection of these from their website as well.

The Top Line of Kids’ Fashion

Armani Junior provides clothing for children, both boys and girls from babies up to 16 years old.  Various coats and dresses are available for the girls of all ages.  They come in a range of patterns and styles.  Denim and footwear are also available for everyone to ensure that your child has top designer clothing.

For the boys in your family, Armani offers different types of shirts, from polos to jerseys and T-shirts.  Formal family occasions are also covered by a range of Armani suits for boys of all ages, allowing your child to show exceptional fashion taste.


The Armani website offers various options for payment for your fashion shopping.  These payment options allow for maximum flexibility in how you pay.  The site allows payment through all major credit cards, as well as prepaid credit cards.  Cash on delivery is an option, though the website does indicate that it may incur additional costs, and you must have exact change when the delivery arrives.  Finally, the option to pay via PayPal is also given.  After concluding your order from the Armani website, you will be given the option to enter your PayPal information to pay for the order.

If you are wondering about delivery times, Armani offers two different delivery options:

  • Standard Delivery – Your order will be delivered in four to six working days.
  • Express Shipping – You can expect to receive your order in one to three working days.

Other Features

Georgio Armani has been around the fashion industry for 40 years, and the company is celebrating the designer’s massive success.  One of the pages on the company’s website, entitled #ATRIBUTE features the history of the man behind the company, from his humble beginnings in Italy.  The expose includes photos of the fashion designer from his childhood and telling the intimate story of his rise in the world of fashion.

With all the excitement surround their 40th anniversary, Armani’s page includes a section entitled A/LIVE, detailing varied features in magazines which showcase the Armani company, or Giorgio Armani himself.  Featured photos include appearances of the clothing lines at awards events such as the Academy Awards, BAFTA Awards and the Grammy Awards.  Other features include announcements about various lines of clothing and items which may be of interest to those shopping for clothing or other items from the company.

No matter what the occasion is, you can find all types of clothing from Armani at the  From active wear to formal wear, you can find the clothing that best meets your needs from one of the most influential designers in the world.