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Children learn best when they’re having fun. That’s why arts and crafts have become such a great way to teach kids new ways to express themselves and discover their potentials. Lots of schools, organizations, and even therapy and medical institutions use arts and crafts to teach people new skills and abilities while giving them the opportunity to have fun.

That’s why Baker Ross has become such a success in the global market. Baker Ross is a company that has dedicated itself to the design, manufacture, and retail of high-quality arts and crafts materials for kids of all ages. With years of successful operations, and millions of dollars in profits and revenues, Baker Ross has become a heavy weight in the arts and crafts industry.

More about Baker Ross

Arts and crafts can be a fun activity for many individuals, no matter how old or young they may be. There are loads of skills and abilities to tap into and improve when doing arts and crafts, but it can be a troublesome task to find quality projects and the appropriate materials to go with them. That’s why Baker Ross was founded in 1974 by Patti Baker. Baker Ross offers thousands of arts and crafts projects and materials to guide individuals to useful and beautiful end-products without sacrificing fun and enjoyment.

Baker Ross employs 80 dedicated and hardworking designers and staff to come up with some of the best arts and crafts projects for kids and adults. The company has been supported by countless schools, organizations, and playgroups to bring their stake holders a fun learning experience.

Baker Ross has also expanded its operations in 2003, with the dawn of Yellow Moon – an arts and crafts retail company that dedicates a large fraction of their profits and revenues to good causes and charities that have registered their group on the site.

Baker Ross Products

Parents, teachers, and even medical and health professionals all know that there are countless benefits to involving children and adults in arts and crafts activities. That’s why Baker Ross has become such a popular name in the market today. Offering hundreds of projects, activities, and art kits, including badge making, candle making, clay modelling, collage kits, decoupage kits, fabric crafts, and countless others, customers are guaranteed to find the perfect activities for kids of all ages. Baker Ross’ offers only the highest quality projects and materials at affordable prices, and that’s why customers just keep on coming back for more.