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Fashion and style are important factors in our society today. It doesn’t matter how old you are; people will always respond in a pleasant manner to those who are well dressed. These days, there’s no such thing as being too young to learn how to dress well, that’s why there are thousands of brands and companies that cater to younger generations, offering fashionable clothing options for children of all ages.

People are only ever a child once, and that’s why it’s ideal to dress your kids up in the best clothes even if they’ve just learned how to walk. While parents will always be willing to buy clothes and apparel for their little tykes, it can be hard to find the perfect pieces that will agree with their sensitive skin without sacrificing style. Base Fashion was established to change all that. Base Fashion is a company that provides the fashionable and high quality clothes for babies, boys, and girls at affordable prices.

More about Base Fashion

Base Fashion started from humble beginnings on 1910 after an immigrant named Morris Granditer established the Granditer’s Menswear clothing company; a small shop in the even smaller area of Canning Town, East London. Thirty years after its foundation, Morris employed the help of his two sons, Archie and Sydney Granditer, in order to expand his growing business. In 1960, Granditer’s found itself swinging into the sixties, during which it reinvented its look and style to complement the fashion of the era.

In 1970, third generation family members join the force and help expand the business to open several shops and stores across London. Twenty years later, Granditer found itself undergoing major modernisation and takes on a new name – Base Fashion. To usher in the new era, Base Fashion also launched a boys’ wear clothing line to their adult fashion.

By 2012, the success Base Fashion found in the children’s clothing retail industry was so pronounced that they decided to drop the adult line and stick to a pure children’s wear product list. Today, Base Fashion has several outlets scattered throughout the globe and offers some of the trendiest infant to teen fashion items available on the market.

Base Fashion Products

Base Fashion sources the highest-quality clothing for infants, children, and teens to come up with a cohesive selection of fashionable products fit for every occasion. Their online store offers an extensive collection of available products, from tops, to layers, to bottoms, shoes, and much more.