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About Baukjen

Is Baukjen The Style For You?  Let’s Find Out!

Online there are countless options when it comes to indie labels, specialty designed clothes, and amazing fashions.  Finding the right style to meet your needs and aesthetics can give you the confidence to rock it every time you step out of the house.  To help you find the style that appeals to you, let’s take a moment to review a company that has been growing increasingly popular, Baukjen.  Along with reviewing their brand purpose, we will also review what they are currently selling.

About The Brand

Only a few years old, Baukjen has made a name for itself with the undone dressed-up look of classical elegance with a twist.  Beginning with simple cuts and quickly moving into unique interpretations of classics that work surprisingly well, Baukjen prides itself on having its entire team under a single roof.  With the seamstresses, designers, and pattern cutters sharing a large space, all aspects of the clothes created from design to role out occur due to a shared group effort.  With plans to continue this business philosophy in the future, individuals working for Baukjen are never more than a few steps away from the clothing they help to create.  Wearing what they sell and finding new and creative takes on older cuts, you can expect a steady stream of new ideas from the Baukjen brand.

Finding The Right Style For You

Simple, classy, and relatable, Baukjen is all about leading you in with familiar designs only to surprise you with the details and quality of materials used.  Covering all the basics (tops, dresses, skirts, and jeans), Baukjen also sells shoes, jackets, coats, and jewellery.  With a quick view feature that includes alternative color options, finding what you want through their website is quick.  Along with selecting your size and color, you can click on the image or name of the item to see additional model and no model pictures as well as comments and reviews left by previous buyers.  Finally, the dimensions of the dress are given in detail to ensure that it will fit prior to the purchase.

Putting It All Together

While you have many options to choose from, Baukjen should be strongly considered because of their philosophy of design and easy to use website.  With a constant release of new clothes and styles, Baukjen is the perfect brand if you want to remain trendy and casual at the same time.