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About Bench

Minimalist, stylish, comfortable statement pieces can be hard to find these days. There are tons of clothing brands and options scattered about shopping centers and throughout the internet, but rarely will you find something that’s truly worth your hard earned money. Fashion and style are important matters that we should give great attention to – this is how we control the way the rest of the world perceives us. Good fashion and tasteful style can open countless doors of opportunity, but it’s always best to take comfort into consideration – and that’s what Bench Clothing is all about.

When it comes to contemporary clothing with unparalleled function, Bench Clothing is one of the best options. This UK-based company was established in 1989 and has since grown to become one of the most trusted brands in the industry. Today, Bench Clothing is widely regarded as the ultimate source for fashionable, trendy, comfortable, and functional clothing designed to fit your 24-hour urban lifestyle.

Bench Clothing Products

Oftentimes, people find the need to take their outfits up a notch, making use of different brands, clothing pieces, accessories, and what-have-you to set themselves apart. But with Bench Clothing, standing out in a crowd is made easy. Bench Clothing offers comfortable, fashionable, and wearable timeless pieces that make it easy to sport a stylish look without having to go so far. This brand advocated urban style and functional fashion to bring its consumers an endless variety of clothing pieces that can be dressed up or down for nearly any occasion. Whether you’re running out to the grocery store to buy a few necessities, meeting some old friends for a Saturday morning brunch, or gracing the midnight streets for a fun-filled evening out with your beau, Bench Clothing has got you covered.

Bench Clothing has items for men and women – including jackets, coats, sweats, hoodies, t-shirts, winter sports wear, knitwear, jeans, accessories, bags, and many others. All of their products were specifically designed to fit the average urban lifestyle, making it easy to navigate the concrete jungle in style and with utmost ease.

More about Bench Clothing

This brand started out designing and retailing clothes for use in the BMX culture but quickly grew to adapt a wider sense of style. These days, Bench Clothing is known for their hoodies – a product which they have perfected in their 16 years of operations. That is why city-dwellers would never be caught dead without a Bench Clothing brand hoodie in their closet.