The Best New Year’s Escapes

When it comes to getting away for the New Year’s holiday, sometimes it can be hard to decide on the detestation. Will you be in the mood for a riotous party? Big crowds and bustling surroundings? Smaller gatherings among family and friends? Or will you want the start the new year in peaceful surroundings? Depending on what sort of style you plan to kick off the new in, the following are some great escapes to suit a variety of wants and budgets.

Nothing says indulgence and variety like Amsterdam.

Even more than New Orleans with its Mardi Gras, Amsterdam is the epitome of indulgence. No matter your vice, there is a venue within this beautiful and thriving city. From the tame and innocent standard sort of party, to all out raves, the list of available parties for the End of Year to New Year season is quite extensive. They literally have something for everyone, from the young and old, to the tightly budget and frivolous spender. The pricing on parties, especially if you buy early can range from €20.00, up to to €40.00 for at the door pricing. Another perk, aside from getting to have the night of your life in an unforgettable setting, is that after the New Years passes, the shops host a smorgasbord of sales for the month of January. You can plan a leisurely fifteen day stay, post Christmas through the New Years, and the first week of January with accommodations starting as low as €580.00 within the city itself and that is not counting the “discount” level hotels either. With its reputation as a friendly city, it really can offer the exotic and exciting feel of an old European destination, without costing a fortune.



Hong Kong: The absolute destination for a good New Years light show.

China is the birthplace of the fireworks we enjoy so much today. The New Years celebration in Hong Kong does not disappoint the heritage.  Fireworks light up the sky amid the glowing skyscrapers and city line. Whether from atop one of the buildings or on deck a boat in the Victoria Harbor, the view is truly amazing. Every club, bar, and general establishment in the city is holding a party in honour of the holiday, the entire city is alive with excitement and well wishes for the new year. Whether it is just a couple of nights or a slightly longer stay, it is very easy to manage a comfortable New Years getaway and even take advantage of a lot of end of year sales in many of the shopping districts.

Sydney: Celebrate the New Years down under.

When it comes to beauty you can enjoy for both the land and sea, Sydney is the destination. The historical opera house there has an outdoor area that is just one of many hot spots for people wanting to celebrate the holiday and take in the amazing fireworks show. The skies light up in a fabulous array of colours that dance over the waters with equal brilliance. Taking in the gorgeous city surroundings, there are some locations where you can get a sky high view of things and really take in the beauty. Whether you live local or have to travel around the world to reach it, the New Years scene in Sydney is another destination for those wanting a truly amazing setting to start off the new year in.

Stateside: From New York’s Time Square to Las Vegas’s strip.

There are hundreds of potential get-away and great choice destinations for the New Years season within the United States. The iconic ball drop celebration in Time’s Square is one popular example that many people watch on television. With a wide range of accommodations and events or parties to attend, it is known mainly for the sheer numbers of attendees and the of course the well known ball drop. Spending New Years in New York is more of a mellow escape in the sense that there is little beyond the typical site seeing and crowds appeal. For those who have never been to a large metropolis though, it is still a once in a life time experience that can be an exiting adventure.

Conversely, for those who would prefer another taste of American decadence, there is the Las Vegas scene. The entire main strip is turned into one large party where anyone twenty-one years and older can live it up and party the night away. A breathtaking display of fireworks lights up the city’s night sky at midnight and the air is said to be electrified with the near universal feeling of excitement during the celebration.

Though it is not all port-side or landlocked metropolis that can show you an out of this world New Year’s party. The fireworks in Miami are quite well known, drawing average crowds of local and worldwide guests of over 300,000! The beaches alone are worth the visit and can be a perfect setting to take in a leisurely start for the New Year. Though, not to be outdone, if you like a wild party, water front property and a rich history, New Orleans, the outrageous party capital of the United States, is also host to quite the New Years celebration.

No matter the destination.

Whether it is taking in the amazing shopping, culture, and fireworks show of the orient, or watching the entire city of London be lit up with well placed displays, to something as simple as watching the ball drop somewhere on the television, the major factor you have to consider when choosing a New Year’s destination is what will it say about the rest of your year? Sometimes when we know the road ahead is long, or when new adventures are on the horizon, starting the New Years off in a place where you can make truly amazing memories that will last for a lifetime can be the best plan for New Years. It should be a time to escape the routines and set a precedence for the rest of the year to aspire to.