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About Blue Inc

Blue Inc is a fashion retailer based in the UK, and is a rapidly growing company which caters to the fashion market for young people.  Currently, the company has an extensive men’s and boy’s collection, and is currently expanding its lines of clothing for women, which was launched in 2010.  The company caters to a niche market.  Blue Inc calls itself a retailer specializing in value and style for people under 25.

Great Style, Great Options

Clothing from a large selection of brands is available to shoppers of Blue Inc.  Brands such as Adidas, Tommy Hilfiger, Crosshatch, Ralph Lauren and many others can be purchased.  In addition to these brands, Blue Inc also sells clothing with its own branding.  Regardless of your taste in clothing, Blue Inc’s website will have the selection you want.

Shop-ability is featured strongly on the company’s website, which allows you to easily search for the type of clothing that you are most interested in.  While they do have general categories for men, women and boys, you can also search by themes such as, “All Things Denim,” or “Going Out.”  These themes then show you the clothing associated with them, making finding a style much faster than browsing their entire selection.

Making it easy for anyone to pay for their purchases, the company offers a wide range of payment options.  All major credit cards are accepted, as well as PayPal, Ukash and Amazon payments.  This selection of payment options, ensures you can get the quality clothing that you want from the company, with the least amount of hassles.  Blue Inc delivers to all EU countries, as well as many others around the world so that, not matter where you live, you can still shop from the company and receive the items you wish.

For purchases that are greater than £50, Blue Inc offers free worldwide delivery.  Other features on the website include a 10% discount for  military personnel, as well as a 10% discount for students.  Promotional competitions can also be found on the site, and a size guide will help you determine which items of clothing will best suit your needs.

Men’s Wear

The men’s section contains all types of clothing from the various lines.  Shirts, coats, outerwear, jackets, denim and more are all on offer.  Other items such as underwear, bags, sunglasses, watches and headphones are also on offer to give you the highly fashionable look you desire.

Activewear is also available from T-shirts and sweaters to joggers and swimwear.  All of these items are on display in a range of styles and colours to fit your taste, and give you the active look that you desire.  Regular and full zip sweatshirts can be purchased here, as can the different t-shirts and vests.

Outerwear on offer features bombers, blazers, parkas and denims, as well as other styles.  With all of these types of jackets available, you will easily be able to look your best, regardless of the season.  Shoes are also available, and feature everything from running shoes to dress shoes.  Shoes from brands like Adidas, Crosshatch and more are listed here and will help to complete the look you want.

Finally, there are men’s accessories which will help you achieve the desired look.  The company carries a huge range of Belts of varying styles.  Web belts can be bought, along with printed and embossed ones, which will match any outfit you may have, and meet your own personal tastes.

Fashion for boys can be found on the website, and features many similar items as in the men’s wear.  Stylish hats, jackets, shirts, jeans and much more can be found here, and will fit boys of all ages.

Women’s Fashion

Blue Inc offers a large selection of clothing for women on the company’s website.  Blouses and shirts are available, alongside jackets and blazers as well as pants and trousers to put together a look that suits your needs.

For the more casual look, you can purchase T-shirts, joggers and leggings in a range of styles and colours.  These items will let you work out or have a lazy day at home, while still making you look great.  Jeans are also on offer that include acid and snow wash as well as cut jeans.  Various hoodies and sweatshirts can be found in different styles, and the company’s entire selection will help you find a look that is comfortable, and suits your needs.

Dresses and skirts will help you find a more formal look for a night out on the town, or dressing up for a party.  The skirts come in different styles and the section also includes skirts.  Women’s dresses will show you a selection of items from camisoles to pencils and tunic styles.  Whatever the occasion is, you should have no trouble finding the right dress, regardless of whether you’re enjoying a summer day, or going to a party.

Rounding out your outfit is made easy with the women’s shoes and boots that are available from the company.  High heel boots and shoes are for sale to help you with the more formal looks, while ankle boots with fur lining will keep your feet warm and dry during the winter months.  In addition to these styles, everything from flip-flops to stiletto heel shoes and calf boots are all available.  Regardless of your needs, you should be able to find a women’s shoe for any event.

Putting the final touches on your look can be done with the accessories available from Blue Inc.  Different bags, gloves, hats scarves and even fragrances can be purchased.  All of these items will perfectly compliment your look and style.

The general ease of the shopping experience on Blue Inc’s company website, as well as the wide selection of clothing to suit everyone’s needs, makes this an exceptional company to find clothing to fit your various needs.  Whether it’s a party, everyday wear, or clothes for just lying around the house, you can find something to meet the occasion.  The company also shows its appreciation for those in military service, as well as students by offering discounts which would help make their fashion available to everyone.  Happy shopping!