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About Bonprix

It’s the eternal struggle of the fashion-conscious shopper—price vs. pertinence.  On the one hand, part of what can make fashion so rewarding is the personalized effort you put into creating a look that’s both in vogue and all your own.  There’s just nothing quite like a look you make yourself.  On the other hand, creativity isn’t without its price, and as you might have noticed, that can cost a pretty penny.

Thankfully, with BonPrix, you’ll be able to enjoy a “bon” deal on the latest fashions.

BonPrix is one of the premier online clothing outlets in the UK today, growing in influence while continuing to offer the same competitive pricing as ever.

One of BonPrix’s best aspects is its selection.  Any fashion aficionado will agree that variety is one of the most fantastic and, indeed, fantastically important elements of any wardrobe.  With BonPrix, you’ll have access to a variety of different styles, including:

  • John Baner: For a casual look with just a dash of playful denim, you can’t go wrong with this selection of tops, hoodies, jeans, and more. John Baner is simply a definitive denim collection!
  • Body Flirt: For those looking to let loose, the Body Flirt line offers everything from teasing tops to neatly knit short dresses, affording you a look f as powerful as it is playful.
  • Rainbow: Even the most individual of artists can take inspiration from the mainstream trends of the day on occasion. For those looking to dabble in what’s hot today without surrendering their own unique style and aura, the Rainbow collection is where it’s at.

And then there are BonPrix-specific sections:

  • BPC: A true classic never goes out of style. From blouses and pencil skirts to jackets, this section is a perfect fit for both those looking to cultivate a more “classic” look as well as those trying to dress up a bit for work or pleasure.  Combining a kind of tasteful class with modern sensibilities and aestheticism, the BPC collection offers the perfect intersection between timeless elegance and modern trends.
  • BPC Casual: For those wanting to look good and feel at ease, the BPC Casual section is just the thing. Loose-fitting fabrics that breathe easily, and an overall aesthetic to match, the BPC Casual section offers a wide variety of colorful and easy-fitting tops for you to enjoy.