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About Boohoo

An Online Store for all your needs: BooHoo

If you are like me, then staying on top of current fashion and trying to look fantastic go hand in hand. This however is never easy, and can be a real challenge when considering everything else we need to do in a day. This is not helped, with so many different brands to chose from and websites to pick through. Better yet, it can be down right frustrating! However, it doesn’t have to be this way.

There is one website that offers a wide array of clothing types and brands, while also ensuring quality. Impossible you say? I challenge you to prove me wrong. Boohoo is the closest I’ve ever seen to a one stop online shopping location. With an amazing array of cloths stretching from funny to professional, there is no doubt you will find something you like. Lets take a look.

Ok, so I’m still reading. What exactly is Boohoo?

Boohoo, which can be found at, is an English clothing store dedicated to fashion at inexpensive costs. Boohoo sells men’s, women’s, and children’s clothing across numerous styles. Some of these styles are hosted only on their site, giving you a heads up to what is trending. In addition, Boohoo has special holiday lines, as well as a number of footwear and accessories. With so much to offer, you can literally spend hours just going through all the categories.

It sounds like they have a lot of cool stuff. Doesn’t that make the site cluttered?

You would think, however has numerous ways to define a search, as well as a clear and easy to use interface. Sporting a white menu over a black background, the boohoo site is designed for easy looking with clear lines and plenty of spacing between menus and products. Visually, this means that the website remains uncluttered. The images taken of the clothing is crisp, with numerous shots from all sides, as well as model and no-model views.

Navigating their huge range of men’s, women’s, and children’s fashions provides a number of search features to help narrow down what you are looking for. First, they provide the ubiquitous search bar on every page of their website. Below that is a row of drop down menus for new items, sale items, men’s fashion, women’s fashion, holiday, footwear, accessories, and trends. These break into the traditional groups of clothing, and even add some fun options like kimonos and onesies.

What makes boohoo really great is the options on the left side of the page. These include normal options like size and colour. In addition, a sliding bar for price allows you to chose an exact amount you are looking for. Adding to this is an ability to search for a particular occasion, length/sleeve length, and trend. So, if you are looking for a size 8, red coloured going out dress in a skater style from the Gothic floral trend, then the “Shelly Lace Scallop Skater Dress” may be exactly what you are looking for. Finally you can choose any number of options in each category, just in case you are interested in red and blue, as well as party and social.

Prices and shipping

When first connecting to, all the prices are in British Pounds. This can be changed easily enough though by selecting an option in the upper right, and can be switched to the American Dollar, Euro, Canadian Dollar, Australian Dollar, and the New Zealand currency. The clothing ranges the gambit from cheap to expensive, and is based on the cut and complexity of the outfit you are looking for. All in all, BooHoo offers brand names at reduced cost, bringing affordability to looking great!

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