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A Million Hotels – One Website

Well, maybe not quite a million but 837,000 and rising ain’t half bad. If you have ever searched online for accommodation abroad, or even at home, the chances are pretty good that you have visited at least once. For me personally, it is the first website I drop on to if I even THINK of a holiday overseas.

It may not be everyone’s favorite destination but I’m particularly fond of visiting Germany and a visit once or twice a year is part of my life nowadays. As I like to visit smaller, out of the way places and not the bigger cities like Munich or Berlin (though I like them too), booking my own flight and accommodation is part of the ritual and very much part of the holiday. The flights are easy but finding a suitable hotel, guest house or apartment is the challenging part and has proved helpful and invaluable over the last few years. – One of the Biggest, Certainly the Best

Okay, it’s a personal opinion but I believe it! There are many websites dedicated to accommodation around nowadays and I have visited probably all of them at some time or other but I always seem to wind up back on and for very good reasons.

  • Plain, straightforward and easy to use as any good website should be. Select your destination and the dates required and a click on the mouse gives you a list of all the hotels available.
  • Search Filters. Other websites have similar filters but is the most detailed and simplest to use that I have come across. You can sort out the available hotels according to star ratings, cost per night and, most importantly for me, the distance to the city center or a famous landmark.
  • Clutter-Free. Unlike some of the newcomers the site is clutter-free and you don’t get bombarded with pop-up ads for rental cars, language courses, half-price liverwurst or whatever else the advertisers want to foist on you.
  • Hotel Descriptions. One of the best features on are the descriptions provided about the various hotels. Having actually stayed at a number of the hotels, the descriptions are usually quite accurate and free from exaggeration.

The Widest Choice does not, and cannot, cover every hotel or guest house in every town and city, but they do have a wider choice than other hotel booking websites I have visited. At least in my experience this has proven to be true and for my next trip to the Rhineland or the Neckar Valley, my second stop, after booking flights, will be – as ever –