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About Britannia Hotels

The United Kingdom is a beautiful location, filled to the brim with rich a historical heritage and countless attractions guaranteed to make you want to stay. From man-made structures reminiscent of the days of old, to beautiful, lush, green outdoor spaces – the UK has it all. There’s no wonder it has become one of the world’s most visited locations in recent years.

People travelling to the UK have a lot to consider – from air fare, to shopping budgets, and lodging. Most travellers will agree that your hotel accommodation can make or break your entire trip, and so it’s important to take your hotel reservations into great consideration. If you want to live and dine like royalty during your UK trip, then perhaps a booking at a Britannia Hotel would be the best choice for you.

More about Britannia Hotels

Britannia Hotels is a high-end accommodation at a reasonable value. This chain of hotels has 51 branches scattered throughout the UK with up to 9,000 bedrooms available for booking. Whether you’re travelling through the UK for a vacation with the family, for some rest and relaxation, or for an important business meeting, Britannia Hotels has the perfect solution for your accommodation needs. Enjoy a setting near the busy city areas, a relaxing location near the seafront, or breathtaking views of the simple countryside with your luxury Britannia Hotels accommodation.

This chain of hotels was first established in 1976. Back then, there was only one Britannia Hotels branch which was personally purchased by the owner. There were a mere 100 bedrooms, and not much else to it. But today, that same Britannia Hotel brags 250 available rooms, a restaurant, a hotel bar, and a leisure club for its esteemed guests.

Now, Britannia Hotels is known as one of the most popular accommodation choices in the UK offering its guests endless opportunities for relaxation and leisure at an affordable price.

How to Book a Room

Learning more about the 51 different Britannia Hotels is as easy as one, two, three with their updated hotel database available for viewing on their website. Here, interested individuals can find their ideal location by typing where they want to stay and when they intend to check-in and check-out. The website gives an updated list of available hotels, their main features, and availability dates to make it easy for guests to create bookings online.

The next time you find yourself planning a trip to the UK, remember to check out Britannia Hotels for the ultimate vacation experience!