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With a name like a BuyaGift, you’d be forgiven for thinking the company sells simple trinkets or maybe hot items for a particular season. The cynic in you might think it’s just another store selling things everyone wants, but dressing it up as if you’re buying it for someone else.

None of this is the case though. BuyaGift might be the only company dedicated to the act of buying a gift for someone. Continue reading to find out more about this truly unique company.

Some Background on

The company was formed back in 2000. Since then, they have risen in prominence becoming the United Kingdom’s largest provider of what they call “gift experience.: It’s clearly a popular enough trade for BuyaGift seeing as how they turned over £28 million in 2012 alone.
In 2006, the company was listed as the 55th fastest growing, privately owned UK companies by the Sunday Times. BuyaGift has continued this amazing growth into present day. The company realizes a 20% growth rate each year. This is thanks in large part to BuyaGift’s extremely successful affiliate program that has them featured on over 3,000 other sites, Still, by itself, BuyaGift’s website brings in more than 600,000 unique visitors a month.
BuyaGift works with over 1,000 suppliers in order to offer more than 5,000 gifts on their website. This website and the entire operation are looked over by just 80 people. Recently, however, BuyaGift has begun expanding again. They are expanding into the Continent, by opening a French office version of their company in Paris, a Spanish one in Barcelona and an Italian version in Milan.

How BuyaGift Works

When you purchase a gift from Buyagift, the operation isn’t very different from others you’ve probably done. You click “Buy Now”, for example, and are taken to checkout. However, much like when you order flowers for someone, you are prompted to write out a personalized message to the person you are sending a gift to. Of course, you can keep it anonymous if you like.
Then, through the mail, you will receive a voucher pack that comes in nondescript wrapping. It will include instructions for how your recipient can use their voucher. A kind of ad for the gift will also appear that lets the person know what their experience will entail and why they should be excited about it. You will also receive an envelope for the voucher that will complete the presentation.
Then , at your leisure, you present your special someone with the gift you’ve purchased for them. The BuyaGift experience relies on the fact that you went out of your way to purchase something special for a friend, family member, coworker or loved one instead of taking the easy, traditional route that doesn’t take much thought at all.

Everyone loves receiving a gift, which is why Buyagift may never go out of business. The UK company offers gift experiences, though, which are far superior to the typical items most of us receive few times a year. This unique website is for everyone who is looking for a unique gift idea , and with many discounts available you can give gift to your love ones and save a lot of money.

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