Before Buying Shoes Guide

There is no doubt that the shoes you pick ultimately make the outfit you wear work or not.  After all, a prom dress just doesn’t look as sleek and sexy as it could when worn with a pair of tennis shoes.  And nobody ever plays sports in stiletto heels.  Before buying shoes you need to have some sort of comprehensive guide so that you can pick out the perfect pair.

So what would a shoe buying guide consist of, you ask?  Well, it would breakdown the considerations that you should be thinking about while choosing the best shoes for yourself or your loved one.  There are times when we simply shop with our eyes and we don’t take the appropriate amount of time to consider the details of the shoes we like.  Because of this, we end up wasting our money and becoming disappointed in the end.

To avoid that frustrating situation altogether, simply think about the following details before buying shoes:

Before Buying Shoes

  1. What is your Desired Shoe Style?

With so many different types of shoes available on the modern market, doing a blind search could send you down the primrose path to nowhere.  In order for you to locate the perfect shoes you need to first consider the style of shoe you like the most, or the type that you might need for a certain occasion or professional position.  For example, certain employers do not want employees wearing anything that features an open toe.  On the other hand, there are some employers who encourage free range when it comes to the work wardrobe.  Aside from work, you will also need to consider your lifestyle and the demands that come with it.  Are the shoes you have picked out going to hack it under your busy feet?

  1. How important is Comfort to you?

There are some people who honestly believe that, or order to possess a pair of attractive or expensive shoes, they must settle with a set that is highly uncomfortable.  However, that is just not the case.  Before buying your shoes you might want to at least try them out.  You could be surprised by just home comfortable they are, or vice versa.  Looks can often be deceiving and since the typical shoe is not tailor-made to your specific foot shape, it only makes sense that you should at least slip one on to be sure that it won’t be rubbing you the wrong way.

  1. The Fit is the Perhaps the most Vital Feature

At this current moment in time there are literally millions of pairs of shoes collecting dust in various closets around the world.  The reason for this is the fact that those unwanted shoes just did not fit the owner very well.  Keep in mind that the shoes you try on might be comfortable at first, but with some breaking in the entire structure could change dramatically.  When you test out a pair of shoes that you like you might want to get up and walk around in them for just a moment.  Check out where your toes land in the tip and be sure that nothing is scraping your heel in the back.  Take as many laps around as you need to get a good idea as to how the shoes will fit you over long periods of time.

  1. Is Durability a Factor for you?

Depending on what you plan on doing in your new shoes you might want to stop and think about how durable they are.  Are your chosen shoes made from a certain material that might make them last longer than others such as leather or polymer?  Or have you chosen a pair of shoes that could be considered delicate?  Again you will need to think about your current or future lifestyle and about how your daily activities will affect your shoes.  Do you work outside, in an office, or around children and elderly?  Do you need to be on your feet a lot or can you regularly take a load off during the day?  These are things that must be considered before buying any pair of shoes – whether for work or for leisure.


  1. Have you thought about the Manufacturing and/or Marketing Ethics of the Maker?

These days, it is extremely important for consumers to be more mindful of their purchases.  In recent years it has been discovered that some shoe companies employ child-labour or worse in an effort to produce cheaply made shoes at an extremely low price which renders significant profits for the company.  However, it also renders significant consequences to the global economy at the same time.  If you want to find the perfect shoes then don’t just settle on the first pair that looks pretty and fits right.  Be a part of the world and not just someone who exists in it; choose your shoes wisely.

  1. Are you Picky about the Price?

How much money your chosen shoes end up costing you could be an important consideration, especially if you do not use what you have learned from this guide and ultimately choose shoes that are not right for you.  The price of a given pair of shoes is dependent upon a lot of things, and while some shoes are reasonably priced others can be quite expensive.  On the same token, you often only get what you pay for.  Although it might be frugal for you to purchase a pair of cheap shoes you could end up spending more money in the end because of how many times you had to replace them.  Think about the cost of your chosen shoes and compare that with the other important shoe buying considerations.

  1. Are they even Available in your Size?

It may sound crazy but certain shoes are just not made in certain sizes.  You might have discovered the perfect pair of shoes only to realize that the manufacturer doesn’t even carry your particular size.  To avoid this heartbreak, look over the general inventory of the maker prior to getting you heart set on anything.