Change Your Whole Look

Been wearing the same hairstyle for too many years or following the same makeup routine for ages?  Keep buying the same style clothing, just in different colors?  If you’re ready, you can learn how to change your whole look with some simple tricks, and it doesn’t have to cost a fortune.

Changing Your Hair, An Obvious Choice

Change Your Hair Style

You can make a dramatic change in how you look with a simple change of hairstyle or hair color.  Going from long to short, straight to textured, no bangs to bangs, even something like changing how you part hair, all can make a big difference in how you look.  You can even practice with one of those online sights that lets you “try on” hairstyles before you commit to the real thing.  If you’ve always worn your hair long and straight, imagine the change in your appearance if you opt for a short, sassy cut!

Changing your hair color can make a big difference as well and it’s not as permanent as a drastic haircut.  It can be fun to go “blonde” or make a big change in your normal color and if you aren’t happy with the look it’s easy to color over it.

Changing How You Dress

Don’t be afraid to try a new style.  If you always go for casual slacks and tops try going for a new look with skirts and tops or dresses.  If your look has always been professional and business like, surprise people with a more casual look.

Change Your Dress

Dare to be bold (or just different) with color.  Wearing different colors can give you a whole new look. Wearing bright colors or patterns can bring a big change to your look if you’ve typically stayed with neutrals.  If bright and flashy is your usual style, a carefully put together monochromatic color scheme can give you a polished, classy look.

Even your choice of accessories can make a big change in your look.  Combined with simple wardrobe changes, accessories can alter the statement you’re trying to make.  Classic gold or silver jewelry can help pull together your outfit to make a professional impression.  Large, chunky pieces can speak to a more casual and fun loving look.

The Whole Package

Learning how to change your whole look can be achieved by using any or all of these methods combined.  You’ll be surprised how making even small changes can mean a big difference in how others see you.