Cheap and fun experience ideas for the weekend

If you’ve been a little bit strapped for cash and haven’t had a good time out on the weekend in quite a while, you are going to absolutely love all of the little tips and tricks we have for you below.

You see, while it might feel like you need to have a bit of discretionary funding kicking around to have a blast on the weekends, nothing could be further from the truth – if you have a touch of imagination and a bit of creativity, just about anything is possible!

We are going to give you a couple of red-hot ideas to turn your weekends upside down so that you’ll be able to have a blast without ever threatening to break your bank account in the process. Each and every one of these ideas should set you back no more than $30 total – and many of them are completely and totally free of charge.

At the same time, a lot of these ideas double as fantastic date destinations or experiences, so don’t be shy about cranking up the romance while making sure that you don’t have to dip into your retirement fund to cover the bill.

Ready to get started?

Let’s get right to it!

Venture into the great outdoors!


If you want to make sure that you don’t threaten to break your bank account in half on a weekend destination, you’ll want to try and avoid the city (or even the suburb) and instead head out into the crate beyond – where the nearest patch of woods you can.

Nature is a fabulous way to experience a bit of weekend fun without having to spend a lot of money, especially if you’re able to get out and enjoy the fresh air in ways that you haven’t been able to in a while.

There is nothing quite like getting out away from the city lights and looking up at the stars, really reflecting on just how small we are in the universe while at the same time appreciating the magnificence and almost incomprehensible wonder that is our universe.

It’s tough to beat stargazing, but apple picking can be a lot of fun as well – especially if you have a special someone to take along with you.

We don’t know what it is exactly (maybe there’s something in the cider or those doughnuts), but the odds are pretty significant that she’s going to remember your apple picking trip for a long (LONG) time.

It’s a great way to score some points!

Of course, you might also want to work up a little bit of a sweat wet spending some time out in the great outdoors – all without spending a lot of money. Kayak rentals are inexpensive and a great way to spend some time out on the water, but you might also want to look into bike share programs around the city or even sign up for a mini marathon.

Hitting the pavement

Of course, not everyone is born with a bit of the pioneer spirit in them, and some people might not be quite ready for the great outdoors and everything that it has to offer.

There’s nothing wrong with that, and there are still a lot of ways that you can spend $30 or less in the city in a weekend and still have a really, really good time!

One of the best ways to not only enjoy your weekend without spending a ton of dough, but also getting a chance to explore your city more thoroughly is to set up a “coffee shop hop”.

A lot like a pub crawl (without the ridiculous expense of buying beer in the city), you just pick a number of coffee hotspots to hit in your city and bounce from one to the next, usually trying out their speciality house beverages.

Obviously, you don’t want to fry yourself out on caffeine, but it’s a killer way to investigate some of the more exciting and interesting places in your neighbourhood (and beyond) while at the same time getting to know whoever it is you are out adventuring with.

You may not know this, but a lot of bars and pubs out there that are getting into the swing of craft beer offer smaller 8 ounce size cups of beer to patrons that want to taste a bunch of different craft brews without risking a DUI later down the line.

It’s a great way to spend just a little bit of dough while still getting to check out some other cultural touchstones in your community, and at the same time getting a quick buzz for later on the evening!

If you want to find a way to fund your excursions out into the city, or bump your weekend budget up to $50 (or more), think about setting up your own little lemonade stand – or the equivalent of one designed for adults.

Maybe you have a little beak sale, maybe you set up a little ice cream shop on the side-walk or your stoop, or maybe you come up with something else entirely to get a little bit of cash exchanging hands so that you can spend even more time out on the town next weekend.

It is a good idea to check into the rules and regulations about this kind of stuff in your city before you open up for business, but most of the time you shouldn’t have that much headache and hassle and can really get the cash flowing if you pick something interesting, exciting, or novel.


Final thoughts

At the end of the day, there are all kinds of opportunities out there for you to enjoy your time on the weekend without having to spend an arm and a leg or become an early organ donor.

Hopefully you take advantage of the tips and tricks included above to make the most of your time this weekend (and every weekend from here on out). With just a bit of imagination and creativity, you can come up with all kinds of ideas as well!