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About Curvissa

One of the most iconic scenes in Woody Allen’s Manhattan is when his character lists the things that, for him, make things worthwhile.  It’s the kind of cathartic exercise we should all be lucky enough to enjoy once in a while, and for millions one of those aesthetic, personal joys comes in the act and performance of self-decoration which accompanies the wide world of fashion.  There’s simply nothing quite like a smashing outfit to make a good day great or a great one a memory to last a lifetime.

Curvissa is proud to stand as one of the hottest and fast-growing fashion sites online today.  What’s more, we’re proud to specialize in outfits for “plus-size” women.  As stated, it is our belief that fashion can be truly cathartic, and with so much buzz in the media today regarding body image and the way in which women see themselves, it’s crucial for both the fashion world as well as the world at large to rethink the way we evaluate physical beauty, and find beauty in its many different shapes and sizes.

That’s why we maintain our Inspire blog, in which we post all manner of different articles and musings, ranging from the latest fashions and styling tips to words of inspiration.

Curvissa offers a wide variety of different brands and labels in sizes ranging from 14 to 32 in many different forms of clothing, including:

Sports Wear: Jumpers, hoodies, practical clothing for exercise, and much more.

Jeans: From loose-fitting comfort to skinny and cropped options, this selection of jeans can’t be beat.

Winter Coats: The eternal struggle all wearers of winter coats know is that between warmth and aesthetics.  Thankfully, with Curvissa, you’ll have access to all manner of different winter coats from the latest stylists, all of which offer both warmth and comfort as well as an unbeatable look.

We are also proud to offer options regarding attire according to occasion.  Are you interviewing for a new job and want something fresh and sharp with which to make a great first impression?  Perhaps you’re in the mood for something particularly outdoorsy, race-worthy, or perfect for fun in the sun at the beach?  Or maybe you’re looking for something special to commemorate a once in a lifetime event, such as a wedding or cruise?  No matter the occasion, you can bet Curvissa will have the fashion for you!