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Could Dominos Be What’s for Dinner?

You have enough on your plate already, so you don’t need to spend hours fussing over what’s going on it for dinner.  Dominos offers a solution to the busy and bustling, allowing their customers to enjoy a hot meal and then “get the dough on the road.”  Nothing says you’ve made the right choice than when you have the best of both worlds. Dominos promises to deliver that, just as soon as they get done delivering your piping hot pizza.

What’s on the Menu?

Dominos boasts a pretty remarkable menu for a traditional restaurant chain that started out as a relatively tiny pizzeria just a few decades ago.  They pledge to give their customers only the most ridiculously delicious pizzas, and they do it byupholding a standard of culinary greatness.  While some pizzerias might cut corners and hope you don’t notice, Dominos is one of the only pizza chains is consistently in quality.  Dominosalways uses 100% mozzarella, fresh veggies, and a secret tomato sauce that is finger-licking good.  The menu features a number of gluten free selections as well as some tasty reduced fat options.

Claims to Fame

The ridiculously delicious pizza chain has a variety of popular menu choices, but customers seem to keep coming back for more of their specialty selections – some of which have not changed much since the inception of the restaurant.  Due to popular demand, the Dominos breadstick recipe is pretty much locked in, and customers are certainly thankful for that as well.  Dinnertime has really never been simpler than it is today thanks to places like Dominos. To make things even easier, the speedy pizza chain even lets its customers place their fully customizable orders online.

Eat With Your Heart

Aside from the simple ordering system, great food, and swift delivery personnel, Dominos is also involved in a ton of community outreach programs.  That vicariously makes eating there for lunch or dinner an act of kindness. Dominos uses a portion of the money it gets from customers like you to sponsor exciting community events, donate stacks of fresh pizzas to various charitable organizations, make speedy deliveries all the way to the top of Blackpool Tower while still being responsible about emissions, and provide educational tours to school children throughout the country. So, when you find yourself asking whether Dominos could be on the menu for dinner, remember that you will be doing more than simply feeding your family by going for it.