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If you’re looking to do some decorating inside your home, change the look of a few rooms or buy some essentials for a loved one, you can’t go wrong with www.Dunelm-Mill.com. The website has everything you need for home décor in every room. Despite their large selection and impressive success in the UK, the company prides itself on customer support and satidfaction.

The History of Dunelm

Dunelm is not a new company. In fact, they’ve actually been around for 30 years. They started out in an English city known as Leicester when a couple named Bill and Jean Adderly started a textile business from out of their home. Despite its modest beginnings, both Bill and Jean were dedicated to offering a wide array of products at affordable prices.
Eventually they experienced enough success that their business outgrew the home. At first, they had small shops in high street units. They were scattered over a few towns in the East Midlands of England.
Today there are more than 120 Dunelm stores across the entire United Kingdom. The small company Bill and Jean built in their home now sees annual returns of £400million.
In 1996, the couple handed off operations of Dunelm to their son, Will. He continued in the role as Chief Executive for 15 years. Then he transitioned into the position of Executive Deputy Chairman.
So although Dunelm is now one of the largest home furnishing retailers in the United Kingdom, the company maintains the familial nature that made it so successful in the first place. It revolves around putting people first by providing them the best value possible.

Many Ways to Shop

Dunelms doesn’t just offer countless items to purchase for your home, it also provides a number of ways to get it there. Customers can choose home delivery, of course, once they order their products online.
However, they can also opt to reserve an item in a store and then collect it there. This is perfect for people who want an item now as opposed to waiting for delivery times.
For those who like to see and feel a product up close before ordering it, Dunelms provides a store locator on their site so customers can find the location closest toe theirs.

Everything You Need and More

There are countless items for every room in your house at Dunelms. The main categories you can choose products from are bedding, curtains, blinds, furniture, décor, cushions, lights, rugs, mirrors, bath, storage, cook, utility, dine and kids.
What’s even better, though, is their Offers section. Here they feature a number of items that are on sale. They often feature products which are between 30% and 50% off. This is significant savings.Dunelm is obviously selling products people want. If you need an item—any item—for your home, you don’t need to look any further than Dunelm’s. The website is extremely helpful in finding just the right thing and then some. It’s easy to see how this family-owned business got o big so fast, given their attention to detail and customer service.

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