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About Eastpak

Whether we’re going out to run errands, to attend work, to spend the weekend out of town, or to meet up with a few friends, we’re always going to need to carry a few things with us. The dawn of the pocket definitely made it easier to pack a few things along, but there’s only so much you can put in those tight spaces. That’s why people have turned to the trusty bag. While a lot of us seem to take the humble bag for granted, it’s hard to imagine a world where bags don’t exist.

These days, there are thousands of different bag styles from hundreds of trusted brands. None of them, however, seem to match up to the high-quality bags that Eastpak has been manufacturing for the past half century. Eastpak is known as one of the most popular bag brands the world over and has served millions of individuals through the years with nothing but the finest, high-quality bags available in the market today.

More about Eastpak

Eastpak started out in 1952 when a humble company by the name of Eastern Canvas Products Inc. began manufacturing duffels and bags for the U.S. Army. It was essential that these bags were made with unparalleled durability because they were going to be used out in the field, and that’s how the strict manufacturing process was born, allowing Eastpak to produce only the strongest bags in the market.

In 1976, Mark Goldman, son of the company, joined forces with his father to manage their bag manufacturing business. It was during this time that Mark found a new market for their bags, and that was college students. The father and son duo spent time designing and producing a set of bags that would come to be known as The Padded Packer which became an instant hit in college campuses. It was here that the brand name Eastpak was born. From there, expansion was endless as the company reached out to new consumers with different bag designs for men, women, and children alike.

Eastpak Products

Eastpak boasts a wide variety of bags in different prints, styles, and colors guaranteed to satisfy every discriminating taste. Visiting their website, consumers can enjoy a complete look at the product catalogue including backpacks, shoulder bags, trolleys, luggage, and even accessories. What’s more, Eastpak makes purchasing easy with their online shopping options. Consumers can also find Eastpak merchandise in select distributors and retailers worldwide.