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Our homes are our havens, our escape from the world, our sanctuaries. That’s why it’s only fitting that we put our best into designing them to fit our personal preferences. After all, who wants to go home at the end of the day to a space that’s drab, dark, and lonely?

From our bedrooms, to our living rooms, and even our garden spaces outside, there’s always a way to make our homes look inviting. Our kitchens and dining spaces are especially important because it is here that people come together, share good food, and partake in stories and laughs to build lasting memories. That’s why it’s important to make sure that we keep our dining rooms and kitchens looking inviting and warm, and that’s what Emma Bridgewater is all about. Emma Bridgewater is brand that specializes in the design, manufacture, and retail of countless kitchen wares, pottery, home accessories, and décor to keep your home looking pristine and pretty all year round.

More about Emma Bridgewater

In 1985, Emma was having a troublesome time looking for the right gift for her mother’s birthday. She had tried looking through every store and retail outlet looking for a cup and saucer combination, but failed to find that which she desired. That’s when she realized that there was a great lack in the pottery market – there just weren’t enough choices to go around. That’s when Emma tried her hand at making her own pottery, kitchen ware, and home décor. What once started as a simple gift for a special person evolved into what is now known as one of the most successful pottery brands in the world.

Emma and her husband have been running the company for nearly 30 years now, and have joint forces to come up with new, colourful, laid-back, and mismatched pottery designs to bring that warm, familiar feeling into your homes and kitchens. The couple have also expanded their business to the online realm, offering their products for purchase through their website.

Emma Bridgewater Products

Emma Bridgewater functions under the idea that life can be made beautiful with beautiful décor. The products they offer often make use of bright, warm colors and thick designs that give them a pleasant, mismatched, and laid-back vibe. What’s more, all products are made by hand, ensuring the quality and uniqueness of each particular piece.

Website visitors can enjoy the wide selection of products, make purchases, and issue payments through the neatly organized and aesthetically appealing Emma Bridgewater online store.