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Knowledgable Fashion at Evans.co.uk!

Tired of old fashioned clothes that never fit well and make you look exactly the way you don’t want to look? Me, too. So I decided to bounce the old styles and find a new place to shop. Evans is the place I landed, and once you see what they have in store for you, you will, too.

For us girls in sizes 10 – 28, it’s downright hard to find clothing that flatters our curves, but we don’t want to be left out of the exciting life because we can’t dress the part, now do we? I know I don’t. Evans has clothing made for us, and I guarantee you’ll love the prices as well as the style. Come take a look.

Summer is the perfect time to flaunt what you’ve got, and flaunt it you must in their new body-con dresses for warmer weather. Go chic in utility style by matching khaki and monochromes. Softly painted flora’s and trendy brush-strokes bring a breath of fresh air to a beautiful, femininely formal trend with tops, skirts and trousers, and this season’s key piece, the kimono. Tops top the list of new must-haves, and Evans has them all, from the basic to the most elegant blouse. And don’t forget the beach! Summertime is the most fun season, and we won’t be left out this summer with tantalizing, sensational beachwear that fits and flatters.

Shoes and accessories are magical pieces of our wardrobe. I’ve heard it said, “if the shoe fits, wear it,” but I say, “if the shoe fits buy the matching belt!” The magic comes when you put together an outfit that fits, makes you feel confident, and shouts to the world all at the same time. That’s just how it works here.

Do you have a hard time trying to decide what styles will look good on you? Have no fear, because Evans has a simple roadmap to your shape, and then they’ll hand-pick styles that look good on your figure. With their Inspiration page on their website, you can check in with fashion editors and journalists, presenters and merchandisers, even models (with first and only time plus size winner of America’s Next Top Model, Whitney Thompson).  They all share their tips and insights with you, absolutely free of charge! You just can’t beat that. And when you shop, you can choose to shop by category, by trend, or by shape. What could be easier?

With a wide variety of brands represented, they have a terrific assortment of stylish options for plus sizes (like me!). Collection, Carmakoma, Cut For Evans, Gemma Collins, Little Mistress, Live Unlimited, Lovedrobe, Not Your Daughters Jeans, Scarlett & Jo, and That Day brands lead the list of designers who produce clothing for Evans. Then there are the lingerie and swimwear designers as well, and you can’t imagine how amazing the styles look and feel when they’re made to fit your body instead of a one-size-fits-all philosophy.

Looking for a perfect fit and a serious attitude? Are you confident and looking for fashion with a trendy vibe? You’ve come to the right place. Elegant and sophisticated or flirty and fun, each garment is especially fitted to enhance your curves and support your body. Bridge the gap between fashion and function with clothing that has unbeatable fit and beautiful designs. You won’t be sorry you did. You’ll immediately feel more confident and sure of yourself when you know you look good.

Each item in the store is chosen for its edgy cut and attention to detail to flatter the feminine silhouette. Brands are chosen for their ability to deliver quality and style, in sizes and looks that glorify the curves we were born with, trendy and classy pieces that will always make us look our best. Don’t you deserve that kind of attention? We all do.

Take accessories, for example. It’s more than shoes and scarves and earrings. It’s shoes!  And scarves! And earrings! It’s belts and tights and socks and lingerie accessories and bracelets and necklaces and rings. All the pretty things that brighten up an outfit or give the pop of colour that changes just okay into fabulous. Evans has them all.

Of course, looking good always starts with a good foundation, in fashion as well as everything else. So their intimates are beautiful and supportive, making you feel feminine and elegant and perfectly together. From bras to panties, to sleepwear, the selection is amazing and the fit superior. I’m telling you, you can’t go wrong!

Denim is a staple in every modern woman’s wardrobe, and they have a great selection, with wide leg jeans, skinny jeans, leggings, straight cut, boot cut, and denim shirts and jackets. Perfect for summer and on through the fall. In fact, accessory, and you can wear them any time of year!

Follow the trends? They’ve got you covered. Expressionist styles with an artistic feel. Modern Romance adds timeless pieces in pretty pink and cerise with classic looks, creating a versatile capsule wardrobe. Brighton Rocks offers a modern nautical with bold colours in bright red and sophisticated navy blue. Loose the animal within with Luxe Safari, a trend that combines soft coral with citrus neons and animal prints for a bold, sophisticated outfit with surprising and delightful details. Find sorbet pinks and pastels with classic Paisleys in their Folklore trend. The world’s at your fingertips, woman! Don’t believe me, though, check it out yourself!

I think the thing that most intrigues me about this wonderful site is not the clothes, though. It’s the people. They know me. They could be my mother or sister or best friend. They have taken that knowledge and made a place where I can shop with confidence, knowing that they understand. They’ve made it easy for me to find trendy clothing that I know will look and feel good and will make me a more confident woman. And free shipping’s not too shabby, either!