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Everything we purchase today either has direct or indirect consequences on the environment. From the food we eat, to the clothes we wear – all of these items reap negative effects on our world. The production of clothing particular is riddled with bad processes that cause damage to the environment. Although fashion and style are both indispensable facets of society, that doesn’t mean we should just turn the other cheek toward these bad industry practices. Choosing the products you buy and making sure they were manufactured in such a way that doesn’t damage the earth makes a big difference. But where exactly can you find fashion-forward pieces that take the environment into consideration? A visit to might just help your cause.

More about Fashion-Conscience

In today’s world of mass produced clothing and apparel, it can be hard to find options that are environmentally friendly. But the good people at Fashion-Conscience have made it possible to find all your fashion-forward needs in one easy-to-access website. Formed in 2007, Fashion-Conscience was the brainchild of a former UK fashion and celebrity journalist who had an environmentally-geared realization as she was vacationing in India. This woman, fuelled by her light-bulb moment, set out to establish the biggest online retail destination for individuals who want to be stylish without hurting the earth. And so Fashion-Conscience was born. This brand sources some of the best fashion and style pieces from all over the globe with only 2 main criteria – the first, is that the item has to be made with organic material through non-environment damaging processes, and two, the item has to be fashionable. By scouring the globe for clothing pieces that fit these two criteria, the fashion team at Fashion-Conscience was able to come up with an extensive collection of products geared towards brining responsible clothing options to both men and women.

What You’ll Find

At, they make the entire online shopping process a cinch with their simple however stylish website layout. This minimalist website design makes it easy to really see the beauty of each product – no frills, no drama. Consumers can browse by categories such as Sale items, New, Clothing, Bags, Shows, Accessories, Men and Kids, Trends, Gifts, or by Brand. What’s more, Fashion-Conscience allows speedy transactions and problem-free purchasing with its easy payment scheme and shopping process. Simply fill up your basket, check-out, and wait for your delivery. It really couldn’t be any simpler than that.