Few Tricks to Prevent Illnesses

How to Prevent Illnesses

Most of us are in the habit of paying relatively little mind to our health on a day to day basis, only addressing issues as they arise and then forgetting about them when they’re gone or, thanks to medication, forgotten about. This is an unfortunately unhealthy way to go about living, and it’s pretty ineffective in the long-run. We should be more focused on preventing illness than on simply hiding it. Let’s look at some of the best ways to go about doing just this.

Wash Your Hands

Everyone’s told you to wash your hands after using the bathroom ever since you were a child, and for good reason. Washing your hands with soap and water, and following that up with an alcohol-based cleaner such as Germ-X, can kill up to 99% of germs on your hand. Needless to say, if any of those germs were pathogens, you’ll be much healthier after the fact.

Shower After Exercise

Okay. This one kind of goes without saying — no one wants to smell like sweat any longer than necessary — but most people don’t know that showering after exercising is actually good for your health, not just for your scent. It helps prevent nasty fungal infections from taking hold on your moist skin, and washes off all the gym-borne pathogens that you might have come in contact with if you’re training in a health club (and yes — there actually is a group of pathogens found mainly at the gym!).

Do Your Laundry

This is generally healthy, but you should remember to do your laundry frequently, and specifically after spending a full day either out in the city, or out in the wild (that is, in forests, on hikes, or in other “exposed” settings).

In the former case — if you’re spending time in the city — chances are good that, whether you see it or not, your clothes will pick up a good amount of the pollution in the air, and these industrial pollutants are known to irritate and damage the skin and lungs even in trace amounts. And if you’re out hiking, washing your clothes helps kill all the nasty germs you’d pick up from kicking through the brush, and ensures that parasites, like ticks and hookworms, won’t get any further than the folds of your denim jeans.

Clean Diet

The second important thing to do to prevent illness is to eat a clean diet. This means no artificial foods — or, at least, it means enjoying artificial foods only on occasion. And when you put together your meals, be sure to do so according to the formula of one serving of protein; one serving of vegetables; one serving of fruit; and one serving of healthy fat, like that found in nuts or avocados. This will keep your body ready to fight off bacteria and other invaders, and provide you with the nutrients to continue to develop a powerful immune system that will grow to be impenetrable if you just give it the time and attention.