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Fifty Plus, The Online Retailer For Everyone

Fifty Plus is an online retailer of fashions for more mature women who want to wear flattering clothing for every occasion. Fifty Plus offers plus size clothing in hard to find sizes from 12 to 34, along with unusual sizes for the very tall and the very petite.

A Company With Over a Century of Experience

Fifty Plus is one of the many websites offered by J D Williams and Company, a notable retailer of affordable and stylish clothing with over twenty separate catalogue brands under one roof. Their main focus is clothing for larger size women’s clothing, but they also retail clothes for men and children, along with housewares and appliances. The company is a pioneer in direct sales to the public, with over 100 years of selling via the UK’s parcel post system. This long experience in selling to buyers selecting items while in the comfort of their own homes, along with the expertise in filling and delivering customer orders, made the company a natural for Internet sales. Fifty Plus is part of the most successful home shopping company in the UK, serving over two million customers with four thousand employees working from a home base in Manchester.

An Well-Organized Website With Thousand of Products

Fifty Plus offers shoppers the same intuitive and powerful shopping experience that they offer on all their websites. The Fifty Plus website is fun and easy to browse if you’re just looking around for something unusual to buy, but it’s also organized to allow specific searches, and through a series of category lists and search parameters, get you to a specific product’s dedicated sales page quickly without a lot of fuss.

The Fifty Plus is nicely organized for shopping by category of clothing, price range, or by brand name. Interior selection pages offer up to 48 thumbnails of items per page, with a series of check boxes on the side to drill down further until you narrow your search as desired. Selecting any product thumbnail brings the shopper to a dedicated page that has many additional product photographs, including the items being worn by a model, which makes it easier to picture how the garments will look when worn. There’s an automatic high resolution zoom function that operates when you mouse over the photographs so you can get very detailed looks at any part of the garment.

In order to make assembling an ensemble and accessorizing as easy and fun as possible, Fifty Plus automatically curates a small selection of thumbnails of related articles, and offers further suggestions by way of two thumbnail sliders of choices from other shoppers. Product pages contain a wealth of information about the products, but aren’t overly busy, and by using drop-down lists for colours and sizes, you can easily select what you’re interested in to add to your sales bag before checking out.

Inventory control can be a problem with many websites, but Fifty Plus has integrated real-time information about the availability of particular colours and sizes, and warns you if the item is currently in low supply so you won’t be disappointed after checkout because desired item isn’t available for shipping. Many of their items have reviews written by customers that have purchased the item in the past, and ratings from one to five stars.

A Wide Range of Products In Many Categories

The main focus of the Fifty Plus collections is stylish clothes for the mature woman that can be purchased in any size. The collections are assembled according to the type of garment desired, with many more subcategories offered for every budget and occasion. The site specializes in dresses, and they offer them for day wear, party and cocktail occasions, appropriate for work, holidays, and for special events like weddings. Other items of note include tops, leggings, blouses and shirts, jeans, jumpsuits, coats, jackets, leisure wear, trousers, and knitwear. Hard to fit women can shop at Fifty Plus for underwear and lingerie, as well as thermals for cool winter evenings.

There’s a special section on the website just for party wear, and it offers a bit more glitz than some of the other selections. They’re organized by themes, including the popular Art Deco and jewel tone looks.

Fifty Plus offers one-site shopping for entire outfits, with a wide selection of shoes, boots, sandals, slippers, socks, and trainers to go with any outfit. You can shop by brand or style, and Fifty Plus takes care to carry hard to find sizes in their selection of shoes as well as their clothes.

While it’s not as extensive as their line of women’s clothing, Fifty Plus has men’s clothing as well. You can shop for blazers, chinos, coats, jackets, sweatshirts, shirts, trousers, and footwear on one section of the website, and they accessories for the outfits you put together in your shopping cart.

Customer Focus

J D Wilson is famous for excellent customer service on all their websites, and Fifty Plus is no exception. The site links to a handful of other websites from J D Wilson, and you can shop for housewares, small appliances, furniture, bedding, and other items for the home by clicking through to their Home Essentials website. There are websites for kids as well, with clothing for boys and girls along with accessories for their rooms. There are sites for health and beauty aids, and an extensive line of gifts for all occasions at The Brilliant Gift-shop.

Customers can shop safely and securely at any of the websites, and your account information follows you as you navigate for additional convenience. Fifty Plus also offers shoppers a Personal Account, which stores all your information for quicker checkouts, and allows you to purchase items on a revolving charge basis. You can pay your monthly statement in full and avoid any additional charges, or spread the payments over time for additional interest charges.

Fifty Plus is always running multiple promotions at all times, and smart shoppers can find deals on single items as well as entire categories of products. Discount offers can be substantial, with discounts up to 50 percent common. Fifty Plus also assures their customers that all the items on their website conform to the Ethical Trading Initiative that lets you enjoy your purchases without worrying about the working conditions where the items were made.

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How To Use Fifty Plus Discount Code


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