How to Be a Gentleman Towards Girls

A gentleman is someone who tries to make the people around them feel at ease by being kind and courteous. Being a gentleman is a sign of class and maturity that is very attractive to a woman who’s looking for a boyfriend. Even in your day-to-day life, being a gentleman will help you be happier and more confident. Make an effort to be respectful of the people around you and you’ll notice your life improve a great deal.

Pay Attention to Your Personal Hygiene

One of the first things a girl notices when you talk to her is your personal hygiene. If you smell bad or are visibly dirty, the girl will not want to talk to you anymore. Bad personal hygiene sends a message that you don’t care about yourself or the people around you. Make sure you wash your hands ever time you use the bathroom and keep your body clean. Remember that hair gel and cologne don’t cover up the fact that you haven’t bathed. Your goal should be to smell as fresh and clean as possible.

Gentleman Meme

It’s also important to take care of your hair and facial hair. Make sure that your hair is properly combed and your face is well shaven. If you have a beard, make sure that it’s well groomed and doesn’t look messy. Avoid leaving stubble or little patches of hair because it has a tendency to look slovenly.

Don’t Be Offensive

If you’re trying to talk to a girl, the last thing you want to do is make a scene or offend her sensibilities. Avoid farting audibly, belching, talking loudly, swearing, having poor posture, or having too much alcohol to drink. A gentleman has complete control over his mind and body, but it’s okay to make mistakes. If you do offend the person you’re with, apologize immediately and don’t make things worse. Stay self-aware and keep in mind how you look to the people around you.

Be Helpful

Look for opportunities to help people around you. It can be as simple as holding the door open for the person behind you or helping someone carry a heavy box. A gentleman is always on the lookout for ways he can help the people around him. If you’re trying to make a good impression on a girl you’re dating, here are a few ways that you can be a gentleman:

  • Hold open doors for her
  • Help her with her coat
  • Offer to pay when you eat out at a restaurant
  • Stand when she enters the room
  • Offer her your seat if there are none available
  • Pull out her chair before she sits down

Make Polite Conversation

Don’t use so-called pickup lines when you’re trying to talk to someone for the very first time. They almost never get the results you want, and they often alienate the person you’re talking to. Properly introduce yourself and then ask lots of questions. It’s important not to dominate the conversation or talk about anything that might start an argument. Stay away from topics like politics or religion, as they can quickly become uncomfortable topics that could be taken the wrong way if not approached correctly. And remember: a true gentleman doesn’t use foul language in public.