Gift Ideas for a Wedding

It is your best friend’s wedding and you are thinking about what to get the bride and the groom.  Should you get them gifts together or separately? You begin to think about some of the things that your friend likes as a starting point. You also know that they have registered at several stores, but your gift should be extra special.  Gift ideas for any wedding can be difficult, whether it is someone you know well, like a family member or friend, someone you just met, a next door neighbor or a co-worker.

Start your gift ideas with a list that includes a budget for the gift, personality of the people, gifts on the wedding registry that you might choose or something else special like a mini vacation or a spa date, that they can take together later on in the year. If the gift is for someone that you do not know, then it may be best to stick with choosing a gift from the wedding registry, from the stores that they have chosen.  When you choose a gift from the wedding registry, you know that it is something that they truly want. And if you choose a gift for the bride and groom, then make sure that it is in good taste and not something that would make them think twice or cringe about the gift that you are giving.

Remember to listen closely to that someone special to hear what they really wish they could have, but cannot afford.  Also, make sure that the gift is an experience and something that is well thought out by you, so that they know that you have put some effort and thought into your wedding gift.

The more extravagant the gift does not necessarily mean that it will be that something special the bride and groom are looking for. If your friend is the type of person that appreciates anything, then make a personal invitation for her to receive from you what she has been wishing for. And also remember that the new person in her life should now be important to you, because he is important to her. Express to them how much you love them and want only the best life for them.  Showing them how much you care will make them love your gift even more.

Gift Ideas for Wedding

The Wedding Registry

Starting with the wedding registry for gift ideas is probably going to be the best thing that you can do.  Most couples will list gift ideas from their favorite stores to let you know the things that they, as a couple, really want. Most couples will even prioritize the wedding gifts with regards of importance to them. There may be lists where the bride has a list of important items to her and the groom will have his list of important wedding ideas. Buying a gift from each list, if you are able to afford it, is a good idea, or buying an even better gift than you had planned, from their list of wedding ideas, that they both like is also good. Whatever the gift you decide to buy from the wedding registry, make sure that it is personal from you to the couple.

Always remember to stay within your budget. You do not want to have to skip a rent payment, because you chose to splurge more than you wanted to for your friend. While they are important, you want to make sure and keep your lights on, while you are enjoying their big day.

Remember to look at all the wedding gift ideas on the registry, before making a final decision.  This allows you to make a great final decision, after you have seen everything that the couple wants. There is nothing worse than buying a gift for the wedding couple and then seeing something that you wanted for them more down the list.  You have made your purchase and it is too late to change the decision. So look over the entire list first and then decide your wedding gift purchase.

The Unexpected Gift

Surprise Wedding

There is always something that is not on the wedding registry that the couple has always said they wanted, but could not afford. If you have the luxury of affording a special gift for that special friend or family member and you have decided that it is within your budget, then nothing could be sweeter, than showing them how much you care.

Giving them an extra special experience of having a spa date together or a mini vacation or cruise or something else that can be planned for a later date when they have time to enjoy it, will send them over the moon, because of how great the wedding gift is, the unique experience attached to it and the fact that it came from you.

Money as a Wedding Gift

Remember that if you do not find anything on the wedding registry that you want to give. Or if you don’t have enough to afford that extra special gift, then money is always a great option.  While it does not require any great thought, it is something that everyone needs.  Extra money can come in handy on the honeymoon, if the bride and groom see something that they really like, but need a little extra funding to buy it. Make sure that it is enough to let them know that you care and also remember that you are giving to a very special day that should not occur but once in a lifetime. Again, remember your budget, as your friends will appreciate any amount that you give. Also, buying a nice wedding card adds to the money as a gift.

As always, when thinking about a great wedding gift, keep in mind the personality of the bride and groom. Let them know that this is something personal, whether it is a unique gift that you have thought would be extra special for them, or a gift from their wedding registry, or an amount of money that will help them get something that they may not have talked about or would not otherwise be able to afford. Always remember that the gift should be a positive experience for both the bride and groom. While the bride is the centrepiece for the day, it really is a day for both of them and the wedding gift should reflect that.