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About Glasses Direct

Leading online prescription glasses retailer  offers an incredible selection of glasses for everyone. You can buy cheap glasses online and reach high standards with cheap price.

Glasses Direct got its start back in 2004. Since that time, it has continued to find customers online, building a solid reputation as the place to go on the Internet when you need quality glasses, but don’t want to overpay for them.


The main founder (and the one referred to as “the founder” from here on out) is Jamie Murray Wells. We’ll delve into his story a little further in a moment. He began the company in 2004, was the only employee for the first several months and even fought legal actions brought on by competitors that saw their cash cow about to be slaughtered.

Early Days

The company began when the founder needed to buy glasses. He had just found out his eyes needed a bit of help and glasses would be necessary if he was going to finish studying for his university exams.

Upon visiting his local optician, Jamie found out that the kind he would need would cost him something like 150 pounds. This got him thinking and he was soon researching how much it would cost to simply buy those same frames directly from the source. Finally, he found his answer and learned that he and customers like him were being charged a very sizable markup. That’s when he realized there would be a real demand for the glasses people needed being sold at a reasonable price.

Over the coming months, the first online retailer for prescription glasses was born. Within a year, they would officially launch and receive notice in the press. Two clinical advisors were added to the team, both of who were ophthalmic surgeons. This helped bring even more attention to the company from the optical industry.

Scaling Up

By 2007, the company had seen 2 million unique visitors on their website. This was when the founder got the idea to take the company worldwide—to no longer settle for just servicing native Britain. The recommendation was made to the board that they start looking for venture capital funding. Just a month in to 2007 and the company fulfilled their 100,000 order. Soon thereafter, they became a Brand to Watch, according to the Superbrands Council.

That same year, the company began taking on millions from excited investors. They scaled up, bringing their team to over 40 people and moved their office to Swindon.

New Branding

2008 was all about new branding. They threw a sale in January to help heighten their appeal to the market and were quickly rewarded with twice as many orders. Some customers even ordered two to three pairs at one time.

Rebranding meant a change to the logo, as well as some fun functionality on their website that helped reflect the changing seasons. They also shifted focus slightly to keep attention on the segment of the market that buys glasses for more than just traditional reasons. While practicality was still important to their output, Glasses Direct also focused on those who wanted spectacles for different outfits, different sports and even different moods.

To do this, the company began selling internationally-recognized brands like Storm, Ghost, Fila, Conran and many others.

Further Offers

Over the coming years, Glasses Direct added other methods of enticing customers to buy from them. This means they offered 2 for 1 deals, virtual mirrors and home trial services. All of this helped customers either save on the cost or on making  choice they wouldn’t be happy with later on.

Glasses Direct Today

Today, the company is the go-to spot for anyone around the world who needs glasses for improved sight but doesn’t want to overpay like Jamie almost did so long ago. Aside from the aforementioned services we mentioned that they offer to customers, they also have buyer’s guides, tips on how to order, free returns and delivery notifications. You can even visit their website for help getting a prescription.

So if you need glasses, Glasses Direct really says it all. Aside from revolutionizing how glasses are sold today, the company has helped over a million people get the glasses they rely on without spending all their money.

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How to use Glasses Direct discount code

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