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About Goldsmiths

Introducing Goldsmiths

Goldsmiths is the leading jewelry retailer in the United Kingdom. With over 170 locations spread all over the United Kingdom, Goldsmiths has become synonymous with quality in the retail jewelry industry.

The Site

Goldsmiths web site is located at, and it’s an excellent resource for learning about the company, its products and the other services it offers, among other things. The layout is very visual, and you can navigate to almost any area of interest directly from the home page.

Goldsmiths also has a presence on Facebook. Searching on GoldsmithsUK on Facebook will bring you to their page, where you can see new products, learn about new showroom openings, and learn about upcoming events.


Goldsmiths has been in the jewelry business for a long time, with their first showroom having opened in1778 in Newcastle. That showroom is still open today, still doing business at the same location 230 years later.

Goldsmiths has grown quite a bit since then, and they’re accumulated a number of firsts in the industry. They were the first to sell Rolex watches in the UK, and today they can be found in every major city in the UK. They’re also the largest distributor of brands such as Rolex, Cartier, Omega and Gucci, among others.


Goldsmiths focuses primarily on jewelry and watches, providing a large range of diamonds and other gems, mounted in an array of unique settings.

Goldsmiths is also the leading retailer for Canadian diamonds, which are mined in the Northwest Territories in Canada, and are therefore conflict-free. Each diamond comes with a certificate of authenticity, and is fully traceable.

Goldsmiths is also a premier seller of luxury and designer watches, and carries both men’s and women’s watches from the top brands available today. It is truly a huge selection of watches, and they have watch experts on-staff at every showroom that can assist in selecting the right watch.


Goldsmiths has a lot expertise in all aspects of jewelry and watches, and every Goldsmiths showroom has diamond, watch and jewelry specialists on staff to help you validate your purchases, along with items that you bring in for valuation. Goldsmiths specialists have years of training and experience, so that when you make that special purchase, you’ll know the value of what you’re buying.

Goldsmiths Services

In addition to being a premier jewelry retailer, Goldsmiths also offers a number of services as well. Some of those services include:

  • Jewelry& Watch Servicing and Repairs – Goldsmiths keeps a number of experienced jewelers on staff, who can do everything from simple repairs to major alterations
  • Jewelry Cleaning Service – Goldsmiths offers cleaning for special and delicate pieces.
  • Engravings – Goldsmiths employs master engravers that can offer that personalized touch to jewelry, watches, and other items.
  • Valuations–Goldsmiths keeps experts on staff at every showroom that can help you accurately gauge the value of virtually any piece of jewelry, diamond or watch.


From the website, visitors can apply for credit online, which can be used on the site or at any of their 170 showrooms. Financing options include standard credit lines, and Online Interest Free Credit, a program that lets customers purchase product with just 10% and no interest, simply paying the balance off over a 6 – 48 month term.

Customer Service

Goldsmiths has an excellent reputation for customer service. They put the customer first, and are excellent resources in helping you decide what watch best suits you. They can be contacted in-store, online and via phone, and they can help you decide on the watch that works best for you.

Corporate Sponsorships

Goldsmiths is a sponsor of the Leicester Tigers Football Club, which is an English rugby union club based in Leicester.

Social Responsibility

Goldsmiths has made an extensive commitment to being environmentally conscious and socially responsible. Those commitments include:

  • Raw Materials – Goldsmiths sources raw materials in compliance with all relevant laws and regulations, and requires that their supplies sign written agreements to follow those same laws and regulations.
  • Endangered Species – Goldsmiths occasionally sell products that are partly made from animal skins, such as leather accents. In those cases, Goldsmiths requires that their suppliers provide a written agreement that the animal products used are in accordance with international laws and guidelines.
  • Reduced Contribution to Climate Change – Goldsmiths commits to reviewing and reducing their energy usage on a year-over year basis.
  • Minimizing waste – Goldsmiths looks, wherever possible, at reducing waste through more efficient packaging, and optimizing their supply chain.
  • Communicating clearly with staff and suppliers – Goldsmiths actively encourages their staff and suppliers to communicate on new ways to save energy and reduce waste across all phases of their enterprise.
  • Industry Standards Participation – Goldsmiths is also a member of the Responsible Jewelry Council, which looks at ways to improve the industry’s social commitment.

As seen above, Goldsmiths has an excellent selection, and an excellent reputation for quality and customer service. Visit Goldsmiths at any one of over 170 locations around the UK, or visit them online at

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