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Why Hamleys is the Greatest Toy Store for Centuries Now

The holidays are near and gift-giving is just around the corner. Children, teens, and even some adults love having toys as their holiday gifts. Hamleys is a reliable place to visit if you want to buy a toy for someone. Nowadays, you can purchase your toy through Hamleys’ user friendly site for an easier and more convenient way to purchase your favourite toys.

What is Hamleys?

Hamleys is one of the most popular toy retailers in the world. Hamleys is a 255 year old toy store, which makes it the oldest toy store in the entire world. This shop was founded in 1760 by William Hamley in London.  Their London store is one of the major tourist spots in the city, with about 5 million people visiting this shop every year. Their London store has 50,000 toys available and has seven floors. Their shops have reached different countries worldwide. Europe, North America, Middle East, Australia, and Asia all have popular Hamleys stores, with 50 franchises all over the world.

Hamleys Toys for Preschool

Hamleys have toys for all age groups. For preschool kids, Hamsley has baby toys, bath toys, learning toys, playesets, traditional toys, wooden toys, trains, and other vehicle toys.

Hamleys Soft Toys

If you want a soft toy for your child to avoid injuries, Hamleys has different soft toys which include animal Soft Toys, stuffed bears, character soft toys, and other interactive soft toys

Hamleys Educational, Arts and Crafts Items

For your children who are book lovers, science enthusiasts, or with great artistic sensibilities, Hamleys offers children’s books, drawing and painting materials, models, and even science kits.

Hamleys Dolls and Action Figures

Dolls are very popular with kids especially for girls. Hamleys has collectable dolls and other dolls you can dress up.

Action figures are the favorites for boys. Hamleys has action figures that children can enjoy.

Hamleys Building Toys

Hamleys has a collection of Lego toys, Megabloks, and Playmobil for kids who like building and constructing objects with their toys.

Hamleys Vehicle Toys

Cars, buses, trains always fascinate little children. Fortunately, Hamleys has a variety of vehicle toys for kids to play with.

Hamleys Games

Hamleys has a variety of different children’s games, family games, puzzles, jigsaw, magic set, and other traditional games perfect for children because they can learn a lot from these games.

Closing thoughts:

Giving toys to kids is always special because you know how much fun and how much learning the kid will get through their toys. You can visit Hamleys’ online store at hamleys.com to buy amazing toys from the comfort of your own home.