Be Happy and Kind in Life

When it comes to being happy and kind, its all a matter of mindset. You can choose to have a positive state of mind, even when you are feeling down or upset. All it takes is patience and practice. The human mind is capable of wondrous things, when you apply it properly.

Turning the frown upside down

When you are feeling sad, surrounding yourself with uplifting influences can help, but the most influential thing is your own mind. When you dwell on things that are bringing your down you only sink further. While problems simply don’t just go away on their own, you can choose how you let them effect you.

be happy and enjoy life

When you are in a more positive mood, you are able to be kinder.

Emotional states are infectious. A smile can spread just as quickly as a frown. When others are upset, even if its just one other person, be a positive point for the mood to pick up from. When you are upset with someone else and there is a conflict its important to keep your cool, don’t loose your composure and to remember you control yourself.

How to calm yourself and others down in a fight.

Take a deep breath, close your eyes and let it go. Visualization is a powerful tool in managing your mood. Visualize your anger as something that can be undone. One method it to visualize your anger and frustrations as a bad storm, as you breath in it builds to its peak and as you exhale it is blown away to reveal clear skies. Just release the anger, let your heart slow back down and allow reasoning to rule over your emotions until they are settled. When you let you anger rule you can say things you don’t really mean and words can never be unspoken. Also, when you are calm it is easier to calm others. Reasonably talking through problems can lead to happier resolutions. Empathy is also a valuable tool in understanding and influencing emotions. Empathize with the other person and help them to empathize with yourself. Once you both understand how the other feels it is easier to work together to find common ground.

You get out of life what you put in to it.

Emotionally if you are nothing but negative you will get nothing but negative. If you choose to be sad or down all the time instead of letting the good things in your life be motivation to smile, then you will have a harder time appreciating them. Smile, even when you may not want to, eventually you will find a good enough reason for it. Just as with power posing to build confidence you can use postures and poses to help encourage yourself to feel happier and inspire others around you to be happier as well. Be kind and courteous to others, compliment everyone, because you never know when that one kind word can mean the difference between a good day and a bad one for someone else. You will find in life that when you make an effort to spread positivity to others, it always finds its way back to you with interest.