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Harveys the Furniture Store is the perfect, one stop shop for all your furniture needs.  Whether you are a college graduate just starting out in your new home or you are a seasoned professional looking to expand and beautify your space, there is something for every man, woman, boy and girl at this fine furniture store.

From cutting edge dining room sets and basement living room sectionals to hardwood farmhouse kitchen tables and console tables, Harveys the Furniture Store has a great variety of traditional designs as well as modern looks.

This dynamic furniture store has a great variety of leather sofas, from recliners to basic loveseats.  Their leather sofas come in the forms of L-shapes for your man cave or your living room that are varied in size and color to fit any home and any style.

Their Fabric Sofas Provide Comfort and Luxury in One Gorgeous Piece

You have the option of laying back or choosing something more conservative. With beautiful colors to choose from, like gold, floral prints, two-toned options and more, these fabric sofas display top quality in unique style.

You can choose from a variety of living room options like the sofas, or you can simple accessorize with coffee tables, console tables, smaller chairs and more. Harveys the Furniture Store has an awesome selection of display cabinets, entertainment units, nests of tables and a variety of options to create your perfect home look. They also have relaxer chairs where you can put your feet up and relax after a hard day at work or a night out with friends.

Harveys the Furniture Store’s dining room selection consists of remarkable, unique quality dining room sets including everything from dining room chairs, console tables, coffee tables in all varieties of fabrics, leathers, suedes  – provided in a variety of colors and prints.

Harveys the Furniture Store Remains On the Cutting Edge

You can mix and match their creative selection of dining room chairs from solid colors to stripes to sophisticated black and white prints. These chairs include slatted dining room chairs, the Darcy mid/dark oak chair in plum with a long tail that scoops down onto the wood.

There is the regal Astoria wooden dining room chair whose slats extend to the feet of the chair. The dining room chair selection alone is impressive. However, moving beyond the dining room, you can explore beautiful console tables option, with various designs and unconservative trends.  Harveys the Furniture Store evidently welcomes both  the traditional designer and the “out the box” designer as well.

In addition to their stellar product base, Harveys also extends huge savings through their financing program. With interest free financing for 6 to 18 months, this furniture store offers affordability in combination with its grandeur style. The best part is you can apply for financing right in your check out cart with one extra step.

Choose The Furniture You Want

Add the item to your shopping cart and when you click the “Pay” button – be sure to choose the “Pay Monthly” option. This option will give you a direct connection with the credit application. Proceed to complete the application and upon approval, you can check out with your purchase!

Convenience at its Finest

Harveys the Furniture Store has a loyal clientele base that continue to return in support of their hands-on approach to troubleshooting.

With every purchase, Harveys the Furniture Store provides you with a customer care option to have your furniture covered by its insurance plan. The coverage plan takes care of rips, tears and scratches, chips in glass and more. Harveys the Furniture Store and their website has a variety of videos to help you care for your furniture, as well.

This company is thoroughly dedicated to meeting the needs of their customers. Their customer care plan even goes to the extreme of offering brand new furniture in exchange for the broken pieces. to clients whose damaged furniture meets their terms and condition policy.

With a legacy of savings and customer pride, Harveys provides a excellent quality customer experience that customers can brag about for years to come. They are committed to see customers happy with their purchases, not only as they walk out of the furniture store doors, but also for years to come.

Convenient Pricing

Harvey’s Furniture Store also has a variety of delivery options for convenient pricing. Harveys the Furniture Store will bring their first class furniture right to your door and even help you set everything up!

Among their many features, Harveys allows you to track your furniture’s delivery on their website, up until the hour! If you have any problems, their friendly customer service are helpful, knowledgeable and ready to help you at any time.

There is nothing like new furniture to liven up a space, Harveys the Furniture Store is positioned to support your new life with the best home design or to help you build on a well-established  home to be even more warm and luxurious.

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