How to Be a Woman With Style

Style can be an ever changing concept, and it’s confusing to most of us. By the time we have what’s cool figured out, things have changed. In spite of the way it seems, learning how to create an image of style isn’t so very hard. It comes from knowing yourself and knowing what you want as much as knowing what fashions or hairstyles are popular. No matter what your height, your weight or your age, here are some simple ways to make fashion trends work for you. The confidence you gain from doing so will be a boost to your confidence as well.

Woman, Know Thyself

The first step in changing your style is to know exactly what it is you want. What styles appeal to you? What styles are appropriate for you? Ask yourself what you admire about people you consider stylish. Is it the type of clothing they wear or is it something about their personality that their clothing enhances? There is no point in hitting the stores until you know what you are looking for.

Along with knowing what you like, you need to discover what likes you. No matter how pretty an outfit may look on a friend who is tall and willowy, that outfit may take on a whole other image on you if you are curvy and short. Learn what your body type is and what styles will look good on your body type. Don’t invest in an outfit meant for someone else’s body type. Use your money wisely and find what enhances your assets.

Make Your Shopping Into an Art Form

Now that you know what you’re looking for and what styles to go after, you need to become an educated shopper. Capitalism is hard at work in most stores so you’d best be prepared if you’re going to bring home the new wardrobe you desire. That wardrobe is an investment but it doesn’t have to be a foolish one. Learn to watch for sales and for end-of-the-season reductions. Keep in mind that discounts are your friend. Wise shopping can bring you more returns than you would have thought possible.

Make a Little Into a Lot

Patience is a virtue when it comes to acquiring your new style. Remember that adding a piece at a time will allow you to take advantage of the best bargains. One of the easiest ways to stretch your clothing dollars is to learn the art of mixing and matching. Pick a few pieces that can be combined into a wider number of outfits. Jackets, blouses, and accessories can be swapped to create a decent start to your new style.

Don’t Stop At Clothing

Once you’ve determined the style of clothing that best suits you, don’t let your makeover stop there. Match that clothing with a new hairstyle that better suits your face, learn make-up techniques that enhance your skin and find accessories that put the pizzazz in your new style.