How to Be the Hot Guy

Dating can be a minefield and negotiating a relationship can take the tactical know-how of a military genius. If you’re finding that your forays into the dating world are ending with a thud, maybe it’s time to look at ways to up your game.

Make Basic Training Count for You

Ask any athlete or soldier and they can tell you how hard it is to be prepared for anything. It always helps your confidence to know you are at the top of your game. Putting in the time to make sure you are in the best shape possible is an effort with a huge payoff. Not everyone can have a six-pack, but exercise helps you feel better, stronger and more confident, all of which are a turn on to most, if not all women. Take the time to eat healthy, work out and put your body in the best shape possible.

But Thats None of My Business Meme

Hot Doesn’t Mean Sweaty

Sure, a hardworking man can be hot in a rough, sexy way but some odors are not a turn on. Putting on your best image takes more than basic hygiene. Let her know you spruced up for the occasion. Keep your hair trimmed and styled, groom any facial hair, check your breath and make sure your nails are neat. It’s Grooming 101 and the payoff is enormous. Don’t depend on cologne to do the work for you. Keep in mind that many people are bothered by cologne and that a little can go a long way.

It’s All in the Look

Once you’re feeling confident with your physical appearance, remember the emotional part as well. The first impression you give may come from that physical appearance but the look on your face runs a close second. Smile, laugh, look like a person who knows how to have fun. Open expressions such as a smile offer an invitation to chat and that’s what you want, so make sure the expression on your face doesn’t scare her off. Some of us can have rather harsh looking resting faces. Keep your mind on what you’re there for so your expression reflects your interest and not your wandering thoughts.

Pick Up Lines Are Not Conversation

The art of talking is important. Learning how to make conversation will let you feel comfortable with a woman and it will make her feel valued. Ask questions that require more than a yes or no and then listen to the answers. That’s what makes a conversation and it is what will make you more appealing. Women really do like conversation better than a one way chat.

Confidence is Very Attractive

Getting yourself in shape physically and mentally are both important but one of the hottest qualities a guy can have is confidence. Remember that confidence isn’t arrogance. It isn’t acting as if women should fall at your feet. Rather it is the belief that you are an interesting choice and time well spent.