How To Dress For Success

Times have definitely changed.  While it used to be nothing but suits and ties for men and business suits for women, in today’s world it’s not uncommon to see heads of companies in jeans and tees, and not just on casual Fridays.  Even though standards may have eased a bit, it’s still important to know how to dress for success if you want to be taken seriously.

Do Your Homework

If you are going for an interview, take the time to do some research about your prospective employer.  Try to find out what the accepted dress code is and then outfit yourself accordingly.   Even if you can’t find the info on your specific company, you should be able to find some kind of information on similar jobs to help guide you in your choices.

How to Dress for Success

Certain Things Just Never Work

No matter how casual your company dress code, there are just something that should not be worn to work.  These includes things like flip flops, tank tops, shorts, mini skirts and, well, you get the picture.  How can you possibly expect someone to take your seriously if  you show up in this kind of outfit?  Same goes for over exposure.  Women, don’t make yourself look cheap and completely unprofessional by showing far too much cleavage or a bare midriff.  There’s a time and place for this look, and the office or job site is not it.

Also try to avoid overdoing it with loud or oversized jewelry, gaudy color combinations and clothes that are too tight fitting.  Opt for an understated look with tasteful accessories, at least until you know what is acceptable.

Give Yourself The Once Over

Knowing how to dress for success can make a difference between you and possibly hundreds of other applicants.  Before you leave the house, give yourself a good critique in a full length mirror.  Is everything in good repair?  No loose or missing buttons, no unraveling hems, no tears?  Are your shoes clean, free of scuff marks, heels at a modest height?

And don’t forget your grooming.  Your hair should be clean and nicely styled and your nails should be well manicured.   For men, a clean shaven look is best.  Until you know better, it’s probably a good idea to cover any tattoos.  First impressions are everything and when you strive to make the whole package look good, prospective employers will notice.