How to Keep Your Breasts Firmed and Toned

As we age our bodies change. Life events alter the landscape of our youth, requiring us to be diligent in maintaining a healthy body and appearance. For women, one of the areas of their bodies that experience change through the years is their breasts. Events such as pregnancy and nursing a child can cause stretching and sagging that leaves them with breasts that are no longer firm. There are several options to restore and tone the breasts with an investment of time and effort.

How to Keep your Breats Firm

Invest in Good Support

One of the best ways to prevent your breasts from losing their healthy tone as quickly is to invest in good quality bras. Good quality bras offer the support your breasts need, even when you are nursing your baby. Support bras do exactly that when you exercise. They keep your breasts from being stretched and pulled while you tone and firm.

It’s important to replace your bras when they are worn. Once the support bands are stretched out, the advantage that the bras offer is lost. Purchasing new ones at this stage is a good idea to maintain good breast tone.

Avoid Stretching and Stressing

One other way to avoid the possibility of stretching your breast tissue is to sleep on your back. Sleeping on one side or the other can cause the top breast to be stretched, leading to sagging later on. Sleeping on your back keeps both breasts at the same level so that one does not stretch further than the other.

Exercise Your Chest Muscles

Keeping good muscle tone will help keep your breasts firm. Exercises done specifically to tone the chest muscles should be performed two or three times a week to keep things in good shape. A regular exercise routine will also help you maintain a consistent weight. Maintaining a consistent weight prevents the cycle of weight loss and gain which can be responsible for stretching the breast tissue as you age.

Push-ups are a good exercise for the chest muscles as is the chest fly, which is done by lying on the floor on your back with a three to seven pound hand weight in each hand. With the elbows slightly bent, the arms are raised until the weights meet over the chest then lowered until the upper arms are perpendicular to the torso. Two to three sets of ten repetitions each will help tone and firm your breasts. Developing a regular exercise routine will help you not only maintain firm, toned breasts but will help with our overall health which allows you to keep active as you age.

Last OptionĀ is Surgery

For many people, the option of surgery to correct their breasts is the best one for them. It is more costly than other options and comes with certain risks but there are surgical procedures which can bring your breasts back to a more youthful appearance and make you feel more confident about their overall appearance. But don’t forget you should always try other options before surgery.