How to Select the Right Bra Size

Did you know that your bra can make you look good no matter what clothes you’ve put on? Yes, wearing the right bra size matters. So take a look at what you have on, ladies, and see if your bra is exactly the right size for you. When in doubt, make sure you follow these steps to help you select the right bra size:

How to Select the Right Bra Size

  • Measure your chest size underneath the breasts. You can determine the right bra size with this as your base. Take note of the measurement.
  • Then measure the size of the chest size on top of the breasts. Let the measuring tape go around the boobs and take note of the measurement as well.
  • Make sure both of your arms are lifted when you do steps 1 and 2.Your back should be arched upward. Proper posture is required in measuring the chest size.
  • Subtract the number you’ve noted down in Step 2 from the number in Step 1.And then assign letters to every number. Start with A, B, C, and so on. For example, if 31 inches (Step 2 size with the boobs) – 27 inches (Step 1 chest base size) = 4 inches. That means you’re bra size is a 27D.
  • The bra should be snuggled around the chest. It mustn’t be too tight. By determining the right base size, the bra should fit you quite comfortably around the chest. If you have room to put your fingers underneath the front garters (in between the cups) of the bra, then it’s not right. The bra has to be snug around the front and the back of the chest in order to give your breast full support and lift them up.
  • Make sure that the straps of the bra are adjusted correctly. It shouldn’t dig into the skin of the shoulder or fall over it. Always make sure your start at the loosest hook. All bras come standard with 3 standard pairs of hooks – the loosest is the last pair at the end. And then you gradually adjust the hooks as the bra gets older. If you start on the first pair, it would prematurely stretch out the bra.

Big-Boobed Woes Another neat trick to measure out the cup sizes of bigger-chested women is to determine the proper location of the nipples when wearing a bra. The nipples should be halfway between the tips of the shoulder down to the elbow.

  • Begin by measuring the base chest and take note of that. The cup size will be determined through trial and error.
  • Find a bra with your base chest size. And then select the cup that seems to fit all of the boobs in. Adjust the straps snugly and then locate the nipples. If they’re at the right location (between shoulder and elbow) it’s the perfect size.

Always remember that with the right bra, you’ll look pounds thinner and feel so much better about yourself. And you don’t seem constricted underneath what you’re wearing. That’s an instant mood lifter right there.