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Although there are countless companies these days that can sell you beauty products, not very many online brands can say they’ve been around as long as HQ Hair. In that time, the company has built a reputation based on quality products and customer satisfaction. Based in Leeds, there are a number of things to like about this reputable company.

Brief History and Background

Since 1999, HQ Hair has been dominating the online market with premium beauty products. As they were one of the first companies in this market to recognize the importance of an online presence, HQ Hair had a lot of time to establish themselves on the Internet while competitors slept.

Despite their name, the current line of HQ Hair products extends to every beauty department you need. This means grooming, hair-care, skincare, makeup, beauty accessories and important appliances. Basically, anything you need to look better and feel more confident is available at HQ Hair.

The Website

As we mentioned, HQ Hair was one of the first companies in this industry to embrace the need for a website. It took many of its competitors close to 10 years in order to do the same. But that certainly doesn’t mean the company has an old fashioned looking site. Just the opposite, in fact.

Furthermore, the company offers a website that is completely secure and offers fast delivery that can be relied upon to show up on time. So you can shop with HQ Hair and be completely confident in your purchase.

Over the years, the company has not only garnered countless customers with their website, but even won a number of awards for its design and interface. They are committed to continuing this dedication to quality, so customers can be as comfortable shopping through their online store as they would be in brick and mortar one.

Aside from listing all the brands they carry, to make shopping even easier for customers who know their favorite supplier, the HQ Hair website also has a “New In” section which is great for those who are trying to stay on the cutting edge. No matter what product category or brand is new to the market, HQ Hair will display it there to allow customers a first look at something they may not otherwise have considered.


HQ Hair doesn’t actually make any of their own products. However, as an online boutique for only high-quality items, they only offer products made by high-end brands. So on their website, you’ll find products from Abi O, Aromatherapy Associates, Australian Body Care, Amazing Cosmetics, BC Hairtherapy, Beyonce, 3D Hair and more. Best of all, because you’re buying them online, you’re looking at a much greater reduction in overhead that shows up in the savings.

Return Policy

The long and the short of it is that you have two weeks to cancel any purchases you make through HQ Hair’s website. Your entire cost for the product will be reimbursed as well as the shipping you had to pay. However, the product you are returning must have an unbroken seal and remain in its original retail package. Otherwise, HQ Hair cannot accept the return.

HQ Hair even supplies a model cancellation form on their website to guide customers through the process and keep it as pain free as possible. Its considered part of their Terms and Conditions, so it’s also worth reading those over before making a purchase so you can be confident in the entire process that unfolds.

Although they take every precaution, the company knows your product can still show up damaged. At that point, all you have to do is accept delivery and then immediately contact the company and HQ Hair will reimburse you with another product to replace it.

No matter what your beauty needs are, there’s a good chance you’ll find them at HQHair.com. If your needs include reliable service and  lengthy reputation, this company is definitely worth considering.

How to Use HQ Hair Discount Code

How to use HQ Hair Discount Code

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