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In a world that is almost overflowing with custom boutique retailers, small fashion houses with major footprints, and ridiculous competition, Jane Norman has been able to a step which a real foothold in this tremendously volatile industry by offering some of the most attractively designed contemporary fashion pieces at incredibly attractive prices.

Offering a unique blend of fashion forward thinking, red-hot styles, and throwback options with a very contemporary twist, rates easy to see why so many women continue to shop at Jane Norman on a day to day basis – and likely will for some time!

Introduction to the Jane Norman brand and business

Jane Norman has always been about finding tomorrow’s fashion and giving it to people today, but recently (over the last four or five years maybe) they’ve really been starting to push the fashion world in a direction of their own choosing.

This is because they have been closely working with some of the most recognized leaders in the fashion world behind the scenes, commissioning designers from leading fashion houses and major luxury brands to create collections for Jane Norman exclusively.

So far they had been a really big hit!

Though this business and this brand is about offering sophisticated and classically inspired clothing options with a severe contemporary twist to the masses at almost unbelievably low prices, they haven’t lost a luxury feel that so many other boutiques have all but abandoned today.

Instead, you’re going to feel like you are strolling down Fifth Avenue or Saville Row (or anywhere in Paris, for that matter) every single time you log on to the Jane Norman website – it’s impossible to not have that feeling of luxury, of elegance, and of control over your shopping experience!

What Jane Norman is mostly known for is…

Probably most well-known for three things (the perfect casual Little Black Dress, incredibly designed fashion forward business wear, and a whole host of elegant evening dresses), the company has started to expand into other product lines and has begun to offer new options for fashion forward women really looking to elevate their style.

Sure, their dresses and their business wear options continue to make up a pretty significant chunk of their business and their bottom line today (once you see just how drop-dead gorgeous just about each and every one of them are, you’ll immediately understand why), but they are now offering more casual pieces – tops, bottoms, and skirts – their own line of accessories (bags, jewellery, etc.), and even are working on an interior design product line-up featuring some of the most recognizable experts in the business behind their options.

If you are serious about staying on the “bleeding edge” of the fashion world without getting too “out there” with your overall look and appearance on a day to day basis, or really just want something special to pull out on the perfect occasion, you’re going to want to make sure that you pay close attention to the Jane Norman product line.

Jane Norman customer focus

Jane Norman customers are young (early 20s all the way up through early 40s or so), hip, in love with fashion, and serious about making sure that they don’t have a break the bank account even on that “perfect LBD”!

Even though this fashion house works closely with designers from across the globe to release new product catalogues and line-ups on a quarterly basis (while at the same time mixing in new additions on a regular basis in between those major launches), they don’t have to worry about asking for the same kind of prices that some of the more recognized brands in the industry do just because of the name on the price tag.

This doesn’t mean that there is any compromise whatsoever in the integrity of the fashion pieces that they produce for any let-down in the designs that they continue to release, but instead that day understand their market completely and cater to making sure that they get everything they’re looking for and then some without having to worry about crippling their budget in the process.

The main reason this brand has been so successful is because…

Jane Norman has been successful for a variety of different reasons, but the most impactful ones would have to be:

  • That they have so many world-class designers working behind the scenes on each of their catalogue launches
  • That they are somehow able to offer these amazing fashion pieces at very attractive price points
  • And that they got serious about digital e-commerce and created a website that really facilitates international ordering with zero headache or hassle whatsoever

Obviously, these weren’t the only keys to success for Jane Norman, but they have played a major and influential role in this particular boutique brand catapulting to the highest heights of the fashion industry – maybe one of the most competitive business environments there are.

Breaking down the Jane Norman website

Speaking of their e-commerce solution, it’s almost impossible to find any fault whatsoever with the Jane Norman website – even if you’ve never been there before!

Absolutely everything is smartly designed in a clean if not minimalist aesthetic, and first-time visitors will have no difficulty whatsoever getting the lay of the land and finding everything that they’re looking for in just a few moments.

Returning visitors will be treated to a “smart shopping experience”, as the Jane Norman website take advantage of advanced technology to help you find pieces that you’ll fall in love with almost at first sight – and advanced metrics system that really makes for a rather fun and effortless shopping experience.

Of course, you could also decide to visit any of the traditional brick and mortar Jane Norman websites and browse their catalogue in person, but you would be doing yourself a significant disservice if you didn’t get the online platform a chance.

When you consider the fact that they have a very friendly return policy and exchange policy, it makes almost all the sense in the world to shop at Jane Norman from the comfort of your back bedroom just by checking out their site.

Give it a shot today!

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How to use Jane Norman Discount Code

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