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About Joules

A Single Place for the Entire Family: Joules
Finding clothing for the entire family can be tough. Finding everyone clothing from one website is impossible. Or is it? Can there really be a place where you can buy cloths for everyone, while still getting quality brands, low prices, and plenty of selection? Can it be that someone has found the “holy grail” of online cloths shopping?

The simple answer, is yes. The Joules Company offers an amazing array of cloths for everyone you can think of. Found at the address, Joules can provide you with a single place for everything you are looking for. From dresses to pillowcases to baby cloths, Joules has you covered. So, lets take a look.

Joules sounds interesting, but can one place really have everything?

Joules, which is located at can provide a wide array of clothing choices for you. A United Kingdom store, Joules offers numerous American and European brands, creating an interesting fashion sense ahead of the curve. Their selection of clothing covers men, women, boys, girls, and babies. In addition, Joules has a wide selection of home supplies, including bedding, bathroom stuff, accessories, and kitchen. Finally, Joules offers an “inspire me” category, where you can see through various look-books to see interesting fashions for each member of your family. With so much selection, it is easy to become overwhelmed.

What does look like, and is the website friendly to use? is a sleek and easy to use website dedicated to making shopping easy. Items are displayed in large images, with backgrounds that blend into the webpage. This makes everything look professional, as well as making navigation simple. Clicking on an item loads a special page for each item, where a bunch of additional information is contained. This includes an array of additional pictures from different angles, as well as images showing off the other color options. Finally, like-minded products are displayed below, in-case you are looking for something different.

Another useful feature is the reviews for each product listed. Being written by customers, these offer an intriguing look at what people who have already purchased the product think. Unique to Joules is that every comment includes a section on the fit, as well as a pros and cons list. All in all, the vast majority of products offered on Joules have excellent reviews, both written on their site and on third party forums.

So, if I need a blue size 12 floral dress for between 50 and 60 dollars, will Joules be able to help me?

An important and helpful feature of Joules is the options you can use for selecting what you want to buy. This boils down to three groups of options.

1. You can use the search feature located on the top of each page to type in a specific keyword. This will display every item that matches that keyword.

2. You can use the drop down menus, located at the top of each page. These break down men’s, women’s, boy’s, girl’s, home, and outlet into specific categories, that can help you narrow down what you are searching for.

3. You can use a scroll menu on the left to individually fill in category, product style, color, size, and price range. This allows for extreme selection with a minimal amount of work.

Ok, I’m hooked. So… Can I afford Joules?

Joules is a family and fashion clothing retail store, catering to those who don’t have unlimited resources for buying things. As a result, you can get a number of good brands for cheaper then when at a store. With all of these features and conveniences, what is not to love?

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Telephone – 0845 099 0095

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