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Love of Family

As the name suggests, Kiddicare specializes in all manner of products for children. The company is a family owned business and prides itself on being a company made of many families too. Since 1974, their driving force has been a love of family and trying to meet the needs of those throughout the country. Though they have a diverse product line, the main focus is on babies.

Product Line

Really, just about any item you could ever need for a baby can be purchased at Kiddicare’s website or in one of their stores. They sell car seats, carriers, buggies and prams. You can also find all kinds of furniture like high chairs, beds and cots. When it comes to feeding, they have products for that as well, plus sterilizers.

The company also focused on child safety, which is why they sell things like monitors, stair gates and playpens. Of course, no baby shop would be complete without toys, so Kiddicare also sells books, toys and swings.

When you click on any of the main categories featured on the site, you’re taken to a page that breaks down the original option into subcategories. So, for example, if you were interested in toys, the secondary page would show you toys, but also books, storage, outdoor options, imaginative toys, baby walkers, bouncers, swings, rockers, play gyms, rocking animals and other popular choices.

Each page also tells you about current sales and bargains available. So again, on the toys page, you can save as much as 70% off.

Aside from their own product lines, Kiddicare carries a number of popular brands to meet your baby’s needs. Legos, for examples, are a company with toys on their site. Buzzing Brains is another one.

Buyer’s Guide

The company knows that just because they have a big selection doesn’t necessarily mean it’s any easier to make a purchase. That’s why they provide customers with a buyer’s guide right there on their website.

Again, this page has all of its info broken down into subcategories. This time, though, its feeding and highchairs, home safety, nursery and bedding, car seats, bathing and changing and pushchairs and travel.

Amongst other things, these pages help customers decide which items to purchase based on safety ratings and what other customers have bought in the past.

Physical Stores

Aside from their website, Kiddicare also operates a number of brick and mortar businesses throughout the country too. They have locations in Merry Hill, Nottingham, Lakeside, Aintree, Rotherham, Hedge End, Cribbs Causeway, Enfield, Hayes and Croydon.

Not only do these stores feature their line of products, but they also have a ton of play things for children to interact with while parents are busy shopping. The company also encourages customers to try out items before purchasing them by using test tracks built for buggies. You can also take advantage of free Wi-Fi if you wish to research products while you’re right there in the store.

Ethical Trading

Kiddicare is also concerned about families all over the world too. That’s why they take part in ethical trading programs. Thanks to their Ethical Tracing Code, workers’ rights are safeguarded. The company ensures this is enforced by keeping an eye on their own key suppliers and using a number of other tools to see that they always stand by their promise.

So when you purchase from Kiddicare, you don’t have to worry that your baby’s joy is coming at the price of someone else’. Unlike so many other companies in the industry, this business is one that makes it theirs to ensure their products are quality through and through.


The company’s website accepts just about every credit card out there. However, you can also elect to make a purchase through PayPal. Plus, once you make your purchase, you can track it at any time on the site, so you’ll always know how far away it is at any given time.

Other Features website features countless other unique features you may not find on other, similar websites. They run a company blog, for example. This is a great place to better get to know the company, learn about industry news and get advice on what to purchase for your little ones.

Their Kiddicare TV section is a lot like this too. They have a wide range of videos aimed at parents who may need help either figuring out what to buy or what their child needs most. Most videos are also under two minutes in length, so it doesn’t take much time to get a viewing in.

There are also Kiddicare awards which help to further place the business above and beyond other brands in the industry.

So if you want products for your baby, it’s hard to think of another company that would be a better match for your needs than Kiddicare. For over 40 years, the brand has been all about family.

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How To Use Kiddicare Discount Code

How to use Kiddicare Discount Code

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