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If you have a hankering for French fashion, there are a number of places you could shop for the right look. You could also simply head over to La Redoute’s website for a large selection of clothing with a French influence. Between their large array of options, customer service and deals, is the easy choice for anyone who wants to look their best, no matter what the occasion.

About La Redoute

When it comes to fashion, most would agree that the French are on top, much like cooking. French fashion has been a major influencer for over a century and that hasn’t changed much in modern times. However, French fashions tend to be expensive too. This is why La Redoute set you to make these styles more accessible to the masses in a number of ways.

The company has taken a number of French trends and transformed them into timeless looks that will never get old. In this way, those who spend the money on La Redoute pieces don’t have to worry that they’ll be out of style by the following season. These looks are meant to stay fashionable for years to come!

However, La Redoute also offers guidance on how to dress with these styles to achieve the best possible look. Plus, this also helps make for a more timeless appearance from the styles involved. Of course, wearing French clothes doesn’t give you French style. So part of this service is also dedicated to helping you put pieces together so the result is greater than the sum of the parts involved.


Right on the home page, La Redoute separates its collection into a number of categories. They sell to both women and men and even have a collection reserved for children. Aside from the clothing options, the company also carries shoes and other accessories.


In order to achieve their desired result, La Redoute carries a number of different brands. Not all of them are French, necessarily, but they are all either popular in France, have a French look to them or otherwise work well with French attire.

Examples of popular brands they carry include, Cedric Charlier, Dress for Less, Vila, Ellos, Soft Gret and Converse.

When you click on any of the one brands on the drop down, the website brings you to a webpage dedicated solely to that brand. It will show you the actual brand name on the right with a small summary about the brand below.

On the far left, you’ll see all your options in terms of men’s and/or women’s clothing and what kinds of pieces are available for either. You can also peruse the selection by size and color or even price. For this last selection, the site gives you a sliding bar you can use to choose the price range you’re most comfortable with.

Shoes and Accessories

As far as shoes and accessories are concerned, La Redoute did not miss an opportunity here. The company carries a number of brands and just about every option necessary for completing a look.

In terms of women’s shoes, they carry sandals, trainers, court shoes, baellet pumps, moccasin and derby shoes, mules and flip flops.

Men can choose from high trainers, low trainers and boots. The company also carries shoes for boys, girls and babies.

Navigation works much the same with shoes and accessories as with clothing. Once you click on the type of footwear you’re interested in, you’ll be taken to a page where the different products are featured in the center, with options for searching listed off to the left.


Along with carrying amazing French brands, La Redoute also stocks a collection of homeware items that carry a certain feel from that country. Their selection features a “New In” category so you can stay up on what’s trendy out there.

However, you can also search through their bedroom, bedding, curtains, blinds, voiles, bathroom, furniture, dining, kitchen and living room options. You can also search through their furniture options dedicated to children and babies.


One really cool feature of shopping on the La Redoute website is their Lookbook section. It’s a great launching point for those who know their wardrobe could use some help, but can’t quite understand what’s missing or what they need. The Lookbook is full of fun ideas and inspiration that will help clear things up real quick.

The company’s Lookbook features more than just imagery though. There are also videos dedicated to a wide array of clothing options as well as a blog that covers all kinds of fashion related topics.

No matter what your style is, the French probably have something they can add to it. Instead of spending more than you need to though, just go to La Redoute for an array of brands—many of which aren’t necessarily French—and prices you’ll have no problem paying.

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