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Whether you need a new look for your nightlife or a new look for your living room, you can find what you need at Laura Ashley. The company has been changing and adding to the style in people’s lives for over 60 years and they don’t show any signs of slowing down. So if you’re in Britain, the Continent or even the US, you should consider what can do for you. Keep reading for a simple introduction to this beloved clothing and homeware brand.


Long before the company had a website, Laura Ashley was a woman with a kitchen table she shared with her husband in London back in 1953. From these modest beginnings, the couple would work to print their own fabrics.

It all started after Laura had been to an exhibition hosted by the Victoria and Albert Museum. The subject of this exhibition was traditional handicrafts. After leaving the museum, Ashley decided she’d like to try her hand at this art form. However, when she searched local shops, she quickly became discouraged by the lack of fabric options that actually caught her eye and presented the style she wanted.

Instead of giving up, however, her and her husband invested 10 pounds in buying wood to make a screen, some linen and dyes. Laura then made several trips to the local library where she spent significant time learning about what it would take to create the finished product she had in mind.

Because of the little space they had, their efforts were generally small squares and little else. However, luck would strike when the Ashleys took an Italian vacation around this time. It was right when Roman Holiday, starring Audrey Hepburn, had been released. Laura noticed that Hepburn’s wardrobe had started a trend of Italian women wearing headscarves. Before long, Laura Ashley had its first success with head scarves that looked much like the ones seen in Roman Holiday.

Product Line

Laura Ashley carries a wide range of products for the home, garden and your wardrobe. Their entire product line consists of furniture, home furnishings, fashion, kids products and a design service that will actually cater to your unique needs and bring you truly one of a kind solutions.

Be Inspired

One unique area of the Laura Ashley site is its Be Inspired page. As the title denotes, this section is for people who may need a little help figuring out what exactly they’re looking for. Sometimes people know, but they still need a nudge putting together the finished product. A lot of times, this page simply functions as a catalog for various collections they’re putting out, but it can help to see all the pieces assembled, especially where home furnishings are concerned.

Design Service

Another cool feature of searching with Laura Ashley is how easily you can get exactly what you want, even if it appears to not exist. The company’s website features a design service so you can exactly the look you want by calling in and speaking to an actual representative from the company. Laura Ashley understands everyone’s style is unique so they couldn’t possibly carry everything you want. Now, though, this is no longer an issue.

Shipping Options

As a company with customers all around the world, it makes sense that Laura Ashley goes out of their way to accommodate a wide range of purchasing options. This includes their international delivery choices. You can also sign up for things like measuring services, made to order deliveries and more so that large pieces like furniture items are sure to fit.

So if you were to order a large couch, you can seek made to order or made to deliver options that may make the arrangement much easier on all parties involved.

If you’re ordering in the UK, you have even more options for getting the goods you desire. This includes next day delivery amongst other things. However, just about anywhere else they ship can expect their items in between 7 and 10 days of ordering.

The company does have some delivery rules in place that are worth reviewing before ordering. This mostly pertains to those who are ordering large items like furniture pieces. However, none of their standards are too different from what you’d find elsewhere.

Laura Ashley accepts just about every major credit their international audience would use. This includes popular versions like MasterCard, Visa, Delta, Solo, Maestro, American Express and more. There’s even a Laura Ashley account card and, of course, you can pay via PayPal. Like many companies, Laura Ashley offers gift card options. However, there’s also a wedding gift card service if you have a big day coming up.

If you’re looking to outfit your home or give your wardrobe a new look, make sure you consider Laura Ashley. The company continues to innovate and surprise over six decades later.

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