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This is a site that offers everything you’ll need for skin care, hair care and nail care.  It offers high lookfantastic.com tech, laboratory-tested products that will make you look and feel your best.


Dermatologica refers to the nuts and bolts of skin care.  It refers to all the patented creams and lotions to make your skin look great and well-nourished.  There are cleansers, moisturizers and shaving lotions that are top of the line and that make your skin look and feel wonderful.

There are things you can use for day and night, and things you can use for different ages of users.  The items are listed according to price so you can select items in your price range.  You can’t have enough items from this category because your skin deserves to feel perfect.


There are hundreds of hair products to choose from, far beyond the usual shampoo and conditioner/oils.  You can choose from top of the line colorants for hair that is in any shade you can ask for and a straightener that uses steam and ceramic plates to smooth out the hair.

Label m is a protein spray for the hair that gives hold and keeps hair looking bright and nice.  There is also Viviscal, another protein spray that adds vital protein to the skin on an everyday basis.  These are products everyone should add to their hair care collection to keep hair strong and vibrant.


Make up is really special at “Look Fantastic” and offers mineral make up for the face, eye shadow in a huge variety of colors, lipstick, and products for blushing the cheeks.  Every product is made with healthy skin in mind and the colors are the modern day colors you see on all the celebrities.

Fabulips is a product that is supposed to give you perfect, kissable lips.  It comes in a small jar and uses a device that softens the lips.  And Look Fantastic doesn’t ignore the eye lashes.  There are a number of mascaras in different colors that take you from day to night with extreme ease.


Believe it or not, there are special items just for the face, including exfoliants, cleansers and face creams.  These are products to keep the most exposed part of your body looking bright and alive.  All of the products are dermatologist tested so that you can trust their ability to do what they say they can do.

They pay attention to your skin type when selecting a facial product.  Look for the products that best match your skin type.  They have specialized skincare products like Darphin and Radical Skin Care.  These are high end products that offer you the finest in skin care products for the face and include the whole range of facial skin care products.


Body products are numerous on this site.  Want to self-tan? There are self-tanning products for you to use if you want that bronzed look.  Want to protect yourself from the sun?  There is a variety of sun blocks for the body available at this site.  There are also numerous skin lotions and creams for the body that make it soft and kissable.

There is stuff for your hands and feet as well as shower and bath products that you can use to get your body clean while babying it the whole time.  Some of the stuff comes from designers and are therefore very high end products.  You’re worth it so spend some money to make sure your body is well taken care of.


Whether you have problems with your nails that you’d like to have taken care of or you simply want to have shiny colored nails, this is the site to go to.  It offers dozens of nail colors from designers and more so you get the best coloration of your nails, toenails or regular nails.  There are nail products from Deborah Lippman, Essie and Opi with colors ranging from red and pink to wild blue.

There are even false nails that can give you the look of a professional nail care artist except you get to do it at a cheaper price yourself.  The tools and accessories you need to have perfectly formed nails are for sale on this site.


You can by the latest fragrance from Beyoncé and Lady Gaga at this site as well as other fragrances by celebrities.  There are Britney Spears fragrances and fragrances from Juicy Couture.  Beyoncé’s Rise and Heat fragrances are particularly popular and the site offers free worldwide delivery.  That can make for a good deal on perfume that is nicely priced.

Fragrances aren’t just for women.  There is a wide variety of choices of man’s cologne and men’s fragrances that come from designers themselves.  There are eau de toilets and aftershaves along with regular colognes for men.  Many are popular fragrances for men who can smell as nice as their lady friends do.


It sometimes takes electricity to be beautiful.  There are curling irons and straighteners, some from designer makers to curl or straighten your hair accordingly.  There is Foreo, which is an electrical device that has been proven to clean your skin better than just using soap and water alone.  There is a different Foreo for men and different ones for normal or combination skin.  It also comes in a variety of colors.

There are devices for massaging your skin including the Hydrea London massaging glove for us in the shower or bath.  There are clippers and trimmers for perfectly groomed skin when you need it.

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