Make Yourself Relax on a Day Off

It’s sad that we need advice on how to relax these days. Even when we have free time, we’re itching to find something to do — it’s like it’s literally impossible for us to let go of our workaholic tendencies. While this is great for the corporate machine, it wreaks havoc on our personal health. The answer, of course, is to just relax — but that’s obviously easier said than done. Here are some tips to force yourself to relax whenever you have time off: No one said it was easy, but these tricks might just help make it a little less difficult.

Ditch the Electronics

Turn off your phone meme

This is the best piece of advice we can give anyone who’s genuinely trying to kick back on a day off. Turn off your phone, turn off your computer, and put them somewhere you won’t touch them — give the to a friend, if you have to. Don’t even think about using them. Not even to check the time, check your email, or see if anyone’s responded to your latest Facebook share. You can worry about that after you relax. Believe it or not, all the little things these electronics bring to bear are some of the most consistent and most important sources of stress in most people’s lives.

Crack Open a Book

In keeping with the idea of ditching all the screens, try picking up a favorite book, or a new one. Reading is a proven way to distract yourself from things that are worrying you, and books are proven to be relaxing even if you’re not reading them. Interestingly, there seems to be something of a miasma about them that just helps people to relax, aside from the stories they contain. Of course, we recommend reading, but it can’t hurt to do so in the presence of other books, as well!

Instrumental Music

While you’re reading, why not enjoy some instrumental music? It can be anything from the Cello Suites by Bach to classical Japanese instrumentation — as long as it’s non-vocal, you’ll be able to enjoy it in the background of your reading. This is known to help people really kick back. And if you’re not so much into reading, you can just chill out to the music. Either way, you’ll be relaxing, and that’s the whole point, after all.

Alone, or Alone Together

Finally, try to spend your time alone, or alone with a loved one (or loved ones). This way, you won’t have to manage the subconscious stress of being in a social situation in which you could theoretically make a faux pas. Being with people you love and who love you is an easy way to ensure that the above methods of relaxing will be absolutely effective for you. So here you have it — a perfect plan for a relaxing day alone. Why not give yourself a spa facial while you’re at it, to really make it a relaxing day?